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AWE 2018 opens, kicking off a new era of smart life

Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2018 (AWE 2018) kicks off at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC) on March 8th 2018 and lasts till March 11th 2018, with a record-setting 10 exhibition halls covering an area of 130,000 square meters, more than 800 exhibitors, and an estimated...

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Growing at “China speed”, AWE wins recognition across the world

Speed measures how fast an object is moving, whereas acceleration how much the speed of an object changes during a specified period of time. Born in 1992, Appliances & electronics World Expo (AWE) took only 25 years to catch up with established global exhibitions that have a history of more than...

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AWE, a trend-setting arena for artificial intelligence

The upcoming AWE 2018 is witnessing a critical stage of China's home appliance industry, a stage featuring a transformation of economic driving forces. To advance industry progress, this industry needs new blood, new technology and stronger driving forces. At this stage, an integration of Internet, ...

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Singles’ Day shopping spree reflects China's booming home appliance industry as AWE does

China’s annual Singles’ Day shopping spree on Nov 11 heated up China’s home appliances and consumer electronics market to a higher level. Just like AWE’s role as a platform to exhibit high-end products and cutting-edge technologies, Singles’ Day shopping festival has become an indicator of the ...

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Powered by black technologies, smart home to shine at AWE 2018

From “Internet+, my home” to “home for next”, Appliance & electronics World Expo stays close to industry progress and keeps evolving to showcase technological vitality. With the fast development of Internet, IoT and artificial intelligence, AWE has expanded its portfolio from white goods,...

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