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Following the rapid development in science and technology and consumer pursuit of a better life, small electrical appliances for personal care, beauty and health uses have become increasingly popular among consumers. Comparing with beauty salon membership cards that easily tally up to five digits in fees and costs, beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances are relatively more economical, not to mention the professional beauty and treatment experiences available conveniently right at home. Thus, beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances have been growing at a break-neck pace, and even Li Jiaqi, the online celeb well-known as the number one sales generator, has raised his thumbs for some blow dryer, electric toothbrush and cosmetic instrument. OMG, it's time for a shopping spree!

As a bellwether of home appliances and consumer electronics, AWE will set up an "AWE Charisma Hall," which will make its formal debut on March 11, 2020. At the same time, to allow consumers a chance to obtain an in-depth understanding about beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances, the sponsor also initiates a "Beauty Fest".

AWE Charisma Hall: All about Science, Technology and Beauty

A decade of AWE has brought surprises not limited only to products and gadgets, but even more importantly a summary of current developments and visions about trends of the future.

The past few years have been a golden era for consumption upgrade in China, and the future potential for the beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances is massive, as these products have emerged in great numbers. Home appliance data from indicates that personal care electric appliances category on the platform has sustained high-speed growth for three straight years, averaging 70% increase annually, and the sales of cosmetic instruments in 2017 surged by more than ten folds compared with 2015.

Therefore, in the face of this opportunity in the industry's development, the formal announcement of the coming-soon debut of the highly relevant "AWE Charisma Hall" stirred up a huge frenzy across the industry, and exhibition spaces in the new venue sold out in less than two months.
An assembly of well-known brands and household names, a thorough showcase of a wide and full range of beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances, and the satisfaction of all anticipations for "beauty" constitute the biggest charm of the "AWE Charisma Hall". At AWE2020, other than the myriad of beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances on display at the exhibition spaces of big names like Haier, Panasonic and LG, a plethora of other brands such as Flyco, Chaoren, Povos, Smate, Yueli, Riwa, Vidal Sassoon, BaByliss, Roaman, Lena, Kingdom, SIAU, Zhibai, ENĆHEN, Solis, OCALISS, Wellskins, Lexy, Funlux, XESS, Ogawa, iRest, Fascinate, Gevilan, Husum and more will vie for visitor attention with their latest line-up of offerings inside the "AWE Charisma Hall".

Electric razors that are fashionable and extremely futuristic and tech savvy, blow dryers with rapid hair-drying capacity but without the damage, electric toothbrushes that are saviors for those too lazy to brush, cosmetic instruments that are so simple users could just "set it and forget it" the "AWE Charisma Hall," the concentrated display of things beautiful and charismatic and the score of beauty and health (personal care) electric appliances truly embody the beauty of intelligence, beauty of science and technology, and beauty of the ultimate.

"Beauty Fest": A journey of discovery
AWE2020 is not only gala of science and technology, but also a journey of discovery for things "beautiful".
On March 14, 2020, AWE2020 concurrent event "Beauty Fest" is slated to ignite the scene as the sponsor will team up with beauty and health (personal care) electric appliance enterprises to redefine "beauty" and present to consumers a life of quality, intelligence and beauty.

This is a journey of discovery with depth. The sponsor has indicated that during the "Beauty Fest," industry experts will provide in-depth analysis on the industry's current status, dissect the "beauty" trend from multiple perspectives, and discuss about the development orientations of the beauty and health (personal care) electric appliance industry.

This is a journey of discovery with fashion and trends. Interesting physical flash mob event, trendy fashion show, joint presentation for new products by a flock of online KOLs, make-up overhaul of common people, eight hours of non-stop interactive experience...several extremely fashionable activities will take place at the same time to add an extra dash of charm to the "Beauty Fest".

Of course, while discovering beauty there are plenty of perks that await to be obtained, and the "Lucky prize" will boost the prominence of the "Beauty Fest". During the festival, the sponsor will collaborate with various brands to carry out several prize events both online and offline, and users may win prizes through check-in, participation and other interactive methods, not to mention the coveted "lucky prize ". It has been known that the "lucky prize" is an aggregation of all the brands that will participate in the activity.
Sounds enticing, isn't it? Just can't stay calm anymore? Then come to the "AWE Charisma Hall" and "Beauty Fest" between March 11 and 14, 2020, turn on your beauty mode and encounter a more beautiful self!

Main info about AWE2020

Dates: March 11 - 14, 2020

Location: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center halls W1~W5, N1~N5 and E1~E3

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China Household Electrical Appliance Association (CHEAA)

TEL:400-630-8600 FAX:010-67156913