CHEAA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit industry association for home appliance manufacturers in China with a history of more than 30 years (established in 1988). Currently, we have a membership of more than 350.

With longstanding recognition, CHEAA acts as a bridge between the government and China’s home appliance industry. We undertake government-led projects, such as the phase-out of HCFCs and HFCs in home appliance sector, and play our part on behalf of the industry in the establishment and revision of standards and policies for appliances.

CHEAA provides the industry players with leadership and advocacy.  Under its umbrella, there are 13 committees centered on a wide spectrum of products. With meetings convened biannually, they assemble top leaders and core engineers of industry players to look at their shared concerns.

CHEAA runs a magazine (China Appliance), a web (CHEAA.COM), and an exhibition (AWE), which are well recognized across the industry.

CHEAA maintains close contact with its counterparts around the world, including Association of European Businesses (AEB - Russia), Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM - United States of America and Canada), Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Aparatos Domésticos A.C. (ANFAD - Mexico), Home Appliance Europe (APPLiA), Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (CESA - Australia) , Japanese Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA - Japan) , Korea Electronics (KEA - Korea) and South African Domestic Appliance Association (SADA - South Africa)



China Household Electrical Appliances Association (hereinafter referred to as CHEAA), founded in December, 1988.

Status and Ownership:

As a nationwide, nonprofit industry organization with the status as a legal entity, CHEAA is voluntarily founded by China-registered home appliance manufacturers, parts and accessories makers and raw material suppliers. It registers with Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), and runs under the management of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). CHEAA receives operational guidance and oversight from MCA, SASAC and other government departments concerned.

Main Objectives:

CHEAA represents and defends the interests of the industry and industry players. It serves its membership by providing a united voice, coordinating their relationships and regulating their behavior. Moreover, it advocates fair market competition and maintains market order. And as a point of contact for the government, CHEAA serves the industry, its membership and the government to advance industry development.

Main Responsibilities:

CHEAA performs a wide array of responsibilities, such as protecting legitimate rights, offering services, self-disciplining, coordinating relationships, supervising its membership, and assisting the government in industry management. Concrete responsibilities are as follows:

1.Take part in government-led researches on policies concerning home appliance industry as well as economic policies, putting forward policy suggestions and legislative proposals in favor of the industry. In addition, initiate researches on significant issues including the development and strategic planning of the industry.

2.Inform the government about the appeals of the industry and CHEAA's membership, defending their legitimate rights and interests.

3.Conduct statistical survey, release industry reports, and offer advisory for its membership, the government and other social sectors.

4.Organize and take part in the formulation and revision of national standards, technical and service standards of the industry, industry access standards, and CHEAA's standards.

5.Improve the industry's self-disciplining system, regulate competitions among its membership and coordinate their relationships, in an effort to safeguard fair market competition.

6.Enhance product quality through brand building, and assist the government in the management of product quality.

7.Organize promotional activities on new technology exchanges and applications, and new product evaluations. This is done to advance technological innovation and scientific management, enhancing the industry's technological skills and international competitiveness.

8.Promote energy saving, emission reduction, green design, recycle and reuse of waste home appliances.

9. Organize trades as well as sales exhibitions at home and abroad to enlighten the public on knowledge of consumption. In addition, defend the legitimate rights of enterprises in trades and coordinate international trade disputes.

10.Organize trainings on personnel, technology, career, management, policies and more for its membership to help improve their business and management.

11.Actively contact and cooperate with international associations and organizations, and organize international exchanges.

12.Publicize the home industry through CHEAA-run magazine and website.

13.Take on social responsibilities with its participation in public welfare activity.

14.Undertake tasks commissioned by the government.

15.Launch other activities in line with the Constitution and other laws concerned and in favor of CHEAA membership.