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2020 has already entered the countdown, and the recruitment work of AWE2020 has also entered the final stage. At the end of year, it is necessary for us to think and sum up. AWE is favored by more and more SMEs in addition to the choice of exhibition of more and more big brands every year. The reason lies in that in addition to the prestigious international influence, AWE attracts more and more people to cause flow effect. Different demands brought by consumers from Shanghai, professionals in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, investors, designers and real estate project purchasing groups and overseas audience and the higher and higher quality of AWE service for SMEs are the reasons why AWE plays a more and more important role in SMEs.

Ever-increasing Scale has a Siphonic Effect on SMEs

In recent years, the number of AWE exhibitors has increased year by year, including Haier, Midea, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Gree, AUX, Fotile, ROBAM, Vatti and other local household appliances giants; and Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG, A.O. Smith, Whirlpool, Smeg, Philips, ECOWATER, 3M and other international first-tier home appliances and consumer electronics brands; and Huawei, and Qihoo 360, Iflytek Co . Ltd and other IT and Internet giants; as well as LGD, CSOT, GMCC & Welling, Jiaxipera, Embraco, Highly, DONPER and other industrial chain supporting enterprises. These flashing industry giants have a huge siphonic effect on SMEs. On such a platform, the brand value of SMEs has been constantly amplified. In particular, on AWE2020, the number of SMEs achieves a blowout growth.

In addition to the increasing display area and the gathering of the world’s top brands, the growing number and quality of the audience are also an important driving force for these small and medium-sized exhibitors. According to the statistics of the sponsors, in 2019, AWE received 340,000 domestic and overseas audiences, an increase of 15.8% year on year. The number of corporate executives, professional audience, consumers and overseas audience all reached a record high. As AWE’s influence grows, the number of audience is expected to reach 380,000 in 2020.

Professional Audience Drives Business Expansion of SMEs

AWE has cultivated in the field of appliance and electronic consumption for many years, and has accumulated a large number of professional audiences in the industry. Among them, 30% of the professional audience is the trade audience, and nearly half of the trade audience is the dealer, the agent or the retailer of home appliances. The trade audience of e-commerce channels and 3C digital distribution channels ranks second and three. At the same time, home appliances chain stores and large department stores have a considerable number of audiences to visit the scene. According to statistics, nearly 30% of the total audience has the intention of purchasing or cooperation. Therefore, AWE is not only a bellwether of industry development trend, but also an industry feast with numerous business opportunities.

Upstream and downstream insiders of home appliances and consumer electronics industry chain are also the core composition of AWE professional audience. Most of them are familiar with the product core of technology and persons in charge of procurement. For SMEs, exchanges with them will get more information; promote the enterprise’s technological innovation and product upgrading. In particular, for some upstream small and medium-sized exhibitors, they will be able to obtain a generous potential order demand.

The purchasing groups that the annual real estate fine decoration summit forum brings really can be described by unprecedented grandeur. Many of these purchasing groups are responsible for important real estate projects and their purchases are in batches. The “olive branch” thrown out by them will undoubtedly bring great value to SMEs.

Home decoration designers come with the purchasing groups of real estate fine decoration. They are far-sighted and avant-garde. The differentiated products of SMEs may be urgently needed in their home decoration design. Moreover, their design needs can also enable SMEs to grasp the next R & D direction.

According to the audience statistics over the years, securities analysts and industry analysts are also forming a force to inject vitality into AWE. In the eyes of securities analysts, AWE is the industry benchmark exhibition and they must attend every year to see the industry’s new products, new strategic layout, so as to make auxiliary judgment for the future consumption trend and investment.

In addition to professional audience, more and more consumers and international audience are also coming to AWE. As for the composition of consumers, fashion and consumption big gun, online celebrity and opinion leaders occupy the overwhelming majority, most of whom are the people with strong economic strength and high consumption level. They are willing to pursue innovative products and black technology. Their opinions will have a great influence on the consumer market. As mass consumers grow by 200% a year, the influence will continue to grow. SMEs will also take advantage of this influence.

From the international audience, their attention to AWE is beyond imagination. According to the sponsors, AWE2019 has more than 20,000 international audiences from more than 40 countries and regions. Among them, more than 80% of overseas audiences come from Asia, Europe and America, which creates favorable conditions for SMEs to expand overseas customers.

Perfect Service Promotes Effective Communication between SMEs

The values of AWE to SMEs are policies and services.

In fact, from AWE2019, the sponsors have opened the “business matchmaking services” for professional audience. SMEs can find the exhibition location of the target enterprises from the official network, so as to promote the business negotiation between enterprises more quickly and conveniently. Next, the sponsors’ business pairing ability in serving enterprises will be further improved. According to the introduction, AWE2020 will launch business matchmaking services. As long as the exhibitors propose the purchase intention, the sponsors can help send information to the target population to help achieve business cooperation. It is worth mentioning that AWE2020 will provide exhibitors with free negotiation rooms, and enterprises can apply for the use of the time period for on-site negotiation.

In addition, AWE2020 audience ticket this year adopts fee system. This will further improve the quality of the audience, which will create conditions for SMEs to achieve more effective cooperation.

Main info about AWE2020

Dates: March 11-14, 2020

Location: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center halls W1-W5, N1-N5 and E1-E3

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China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA)

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