Staying abreast of economic development, gaining an insight into industries, feeling the charisma science and technology "on fire," a decade of the AWE is fully prepped and equipped for the future of intelligent life and competition. This edition of the carnival will join hands with the giants in the global home appliance and consumer electronics industries and showcase a whole new kind of scientific and technological explosiveness. There is six months left before the next edition of the top scientific and technological gala opens its door, but let us take a sneak peek into the line-up of state-of-the-art science and technology that will leave everyone awe-inspired.

Between March 11 and 14, 2020, the "Charming Hall" and "No Limit City" will make their debuts, while the Kitchen Appliance Hall will take up the spaces of three exhibition halls, and following Germany's AMK delegation grandiosely declared their intention to expand their exhibition space, EUROIDEA, Liebherr, ECOWATER and other well-known international brands also decided to join the party and flex their muscles  at AWE, one of the world's top three events in the industry. EUROIDEA will be joined by brands it represents exclusively, thus high-end Italian brand SMEG, intelligent blender Blendtec from the U.S., luxurious French residential wine storage solution provider EUROCAVE, modern kitchen appliance maker CUCINE of Italy and others will make their AWE debuts to demonstrate the charms of the upper echelon and the latest in science and technology. AWE2020 will boast 13 exhibition halls totaling 150,000 square meters in exhibition space, and join hands with more than a thousand participating brands to bring to you a spanking new, fully upgraded world of science and technology.

Two Major Thematic Exhibition Halls Display Science and Technology "On Fire"

Socio-economic development has enabled more and more people to pay attention to their characteristic and individuality, and it is common to refuse being tagged as A or B, but there is also no denying the realistic importance of "looking good". Advancements in science and technology allow us to not only look good, but look good in a "classy" manner. Corresponding to people's aspirations for looking "good," AWE2020 specially set up the Charming Hall to satisfy all your needs and cravings for looking "classy and good". At the Charming Hall, you will find everything from razor, hairstyling apparatus and massage chair to electric toothbrush, hair regrowth device, leg massager and water supplementation instrument...and much more. As long as you have the need to look good, the Charming Hall will fulfill all your wishes and fill up your shopping basket.

In addition, the Science and Technology Park retains its status as one of the "must-see" destinations this year. This time, a tie-up between the AWE and tech media 36kr results in "No Limit City," where components like "Unthought of Theme Park" and "Unthought of Future City" to "Unthought of No Limit City" return to the original intention of allowing "some people to see the future first," so that you may get a glimpse at what the home and city of the "future" might look like.

No Limit City is comprised of five major sections, including the Observation Power No Limit Center that represents the beginning of dreams and will usher you to four unknown cities; the City of Thousand Faces is full of secret and future technologies that can help you create your very own city, and is so named because a thousand people have a thousand faces, and each face symbolizes one city; the City of Uniqueness where there are unfathomable experiences like fantastic painting canvas and misplaced dream realms; City of Awakeningwhere one may experience the force of life through the senses; and the City of X that represents the infinity in creativity. The full-spectrum visual, audio and somatosensory sensations will bring to you the most cutting-edge, scientifically- and technologically-charged, immersive and visceral experience of a future city.

At the same time, upholding the original purposes of science and technology and the essences of life itself, the Science and Technology Park will also introduce several dozen household names in the intelligent industry like iFLYTEK, 360, Broadlink, AiSpeech, YS7, Sonos, Mobvoi and Sogou that are engaged in areas such as artificial intelligence, smart home furnishing, audio and video, and internet-of-things solutions, and products will include various aspects that cover the different dimensions of life such as artificial intelligence, future commute, exercise and health, smart home furnishing and the internet. Through the Science and Technology Park platform, a hundred science and technology innovation enterprises will showcase to consumers the latest in tech applications and smart products.

AWE Three Festivals Keep the AWE as High as the Sky

This year's AWE will introduce for the first time the "Beauty Festival" to enable you to become beautiful from every angle. "Dare to be sophisticated? There is no limit to your beauty". Want to become the "prettiest" when you stroll down the street? Check this out! Rumor has it that the debuting Beauty Festival will present a plethora of beautifying secrets that will have you looking more beautiful than anyone else your age. Other than all types of novel beauty and health products to experience, the most fashionable beautifying techniques will be the much-anticipated blockbuster at the Beauty Fest. Furthermore, the double gifts in the exhibition hall will act in concert with multiple other exhibition halls, and the electronic version of "healthy certification of beauty" access pass will be set up to display activity themes and relevant brand info. Visitors may partake in interactions at the experience zones of the various brands, and after the conclusion of the interactive experience, scan a QR code to light up the logo of the corresponding brand. Lighting up all logos will win a prize, and after sharing the achievement in WeChat Moment, visitor gets to enter the "Beauty Festival Carp" prize draw for a chance to grab the ultimate gift.

Other than being a feast of science and technology, the AWE2020 will also keep you enticed and enchanted with the bevy of perks and benefits. Fotile, Robam, Sacon, Joyoung, Panasonic, Vatti, Rinnai, Bosch Home Appliances, Siemens Home Appliances and other home appliance enterprises have all signed up, and they will use their latest kitchen appliance products to present to you a show-stopping banquet that looks, smells and tastes great, so that you may "eat as you shop" and revel in a "foodie's world" unlike any other. Kitchen appliances, renowned chefs and fine cuisines will gather at the AWE to keep both your eyes and stomach gratified.

At the Global Quality Home Appliance Festival, not only will you find the latest offerings from familiar names such as Haier, Midea,, Hisense, Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, Huawei, TCL, LGD, Gree, Sharp, A.O. Smith, Fotile, Robam, Vatti, Skyworth and all the other mainstream brands that you have come to know and love, but also a demonstration of top-notch technology from across the entire industrial chain ranging from robots and automated systems to smart supply chain (logistics). Of which, at this year's expo Hisense will unveil its 5G technology-empowered smart city, which will allow city operation management to "not only see but to see clearly and understand clearly," and create a safe, convenient, joyful and personalized service new experience for citizens while helping municipal management usher in a new era marked by low-carbon, environment-friendly and highly efficient qualities. More importantly, this technology offers new concepts and new models conducive to the construction, efficacy and substantiation of intelligent cities, and provides to users a diverse array of product categories and services in which science and technology will stand side by side with art.

Quality Upgrade, Early Bird Experience to Take Flight

After reading about it, bet you are drowning in your own adrenaline and sweating beads of anticipation! AWE would not be AWE without disruptive technologies, regenerated ecosystems, broken boundaries and eye-popping and jaw-dropping fantasies!

In order to help participating staffs plan ahead of time and improve event participation efficiency, the sponsors of AWE2020 not only optimized the visiting experience, but also added website-based brand search function, and raised the level of professionalism of visitors, so as to continually elevate the classiness of the expo while allowing you to experience the "allure" of the event even before the scientific and technological fest begins.

As visitor registration has formally begun, the last round of perks are reserved for the early birds. Listen up! Early birds that sign up right now can get an admission ticket, worth RMB50, free of charge! For registration undertaken after the one-month countdown to the AWE on February 11, 2020, will require a RMB50 admission fee. Missing one tiny step for the once-a-year science and technology party means missing one giant leap of the rise and development of a great nation.