Pinduoduo suffered a net loss of 2.335 billion Yuan for Q3 2019

Revenue of Pinduoduo posted 7.514 billion Yuan for Q3 2019, up by 123% year-on-year, net loss 2.335 billion Yuan, up by 112% compared to the 1.098 billion Yuan of last year, according to the company’s Q3 report released on November 20 2019. The combined revenue for the past 9 months posted 19.349...

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Revenue of Alibaba grew by 40% for Q3 2019

Revenue of Alibaba for Q3 2019 posted 119.02 billion Yuan, up by 40% year-on-year, higher than the expected 116.69 billion Yuan, and profit before tax 37.1 billion Yuan, up by 39% year-on-year, according to Q3 report of the company released on November 1 2019.

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Viomi released Q3 report of 2019

Revenue of Viomi for Q3 2019 posted 1.07 billion Yuan, up by 89.2% year-on-year, and net profit 73.3 million Yuan, an exciting growth compared to last year’s net loss of 59.8 million Yuan, according to Q3 report of the company released on November 20 2019.

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VDE|DKE-Regional-Office opened in China

With the "Standards CHINA 2035" vision, the Chinese government has launched an ambitious transformation program aimed at streamlining, refining and streamlining the hitherto very heterogeneous and complex Chinese standardization system to adapt to the current needs of the Chinese market. The...

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