By Fan Feifei | | Updated: 2024-03-18 16:33

Chinese consumer electronics maker TCL is doubling down on fast-growing generative artificial intelligence technology to improve consumers' experience and meet their evolving demands for smart home devices.

Sun Li, chief technology officer of TCL Industries, said sound and image quality has been greatly improved thanks to the AI and large language models, while these cutting-edge technologies could be leveraged to assist users to search multimedia content.

Sun said the LLM can better understand and satisfy users' personalized demands for specific content and enhance human-machine conversation abilities, adding more efforts should be made to improve the capacities of TV chips.

Experts said the rapid integration of AI with a wide range of hardware devices is fueling the evolution of the global consumer electronics industry.

TCL demonstrated over 150 pieces of intelligent hardware covering 115-inch, 98-inch and 85-inch quantum dot mini-LED TVs, 163-inch micro LED TVs, inkjet-printed OLED laptops and intelligent AR goggles during the 2024 Appliance & Electronics World Expo that ran from March 13 to 17 in Shanghai.