China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) and China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) jointly release a standard-Smart home system-Technical requirement for cross-platform access and authentication, numbered T/CHEAA 0019-2021at CHEAA and T/CCSA 328-2021 at CCSA on Dec 28, 2022.

With diversified products rolled out, the fast-growing smart home industry has become a key field of cooperation and innovation for home appliance industry and communication industry. CHEAA and CCSA jointly set up a smart home interconnection work group (CHEAACCSAJWG1) on December 9 2020. The work group is aimed to provide China’s solution to the interconnectivity and interoperability of a smart home, accelerate the development of smart home industry, ease the work load of enterprises in standardization and keep refining the standard. The work group has launched 6 joint standardization projects, of which the TCHEAA 0019-2021, TCCSA 328-2021 standard is the first one.

The standard was initiated by CCSA. Members of the drafting committee include: Huawei, Haier, OPPO, Xiaomi, China Telecom, Alibaba,, China Mobile, Baidu, Tuya, China Unicom, Honor, XDJA(Chinese name: Xin Da Jie An), TCL, VIVO, China Overseas, Midea, Changhong and Juhaolian (a subsidiary of Hisense).

The standard marks the first joint standard with two numbering codes of home appliance industry and communication industry. It is designed to allow different smart home systems to find devices within a smart home, do identity authentication and configure network, and allow appliances of different brands and loaded with different platforms to do cross-platform access and authentication. With this standard, smart appliances can access any eco platforms in compliance with this standard and consumers can choose any one of them as the entry of the smart home based on their needs. The standard mainly stipulates necessary interactive processes that include device finding, accessing, network configuration, and identity authentication. Enterprises can extend or strengthen these processes based on this standard. It will accelerate the interconnection of different smart devices and platforms, advance the development of the smart home industry and improve consumer experience.

Reflecting the industry’s needs for standards, CHEAA and CCSA join hands to set up a standard system for the interconnection of cross-platform smart appliances within a smart home, of which this standard marks the first one. The two associations have more related joint standards underway regarding the cloud-to-cloud interconnection of smart appliances, technical requirements for data models and control interfaces, and testing methods for cross-platform access and control.