CHEAA released a number of standards in 2021 to reflect the industry needs, including:

  • General requirements and evaluation specifications for inner pot of rice cooker, numbered T/CHEAA 0016—2021, released on June 25 2021;

  • Household and similar electrical cooking machine, numbered T/CHEAA 0017—2021, released on June 25 2021;

  • Smart home system - Technical requirement for cross-platform access and authentication, numbered T/CHEAA 0019-2021,T/CCSA 328-2021, jointly released by CHEAA (China Household Electrical Appliances Association) and CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) on Dec 28, 2022;

  • Household and similar use electrical floor washer, numbered T/CHEAA 0018-2021, released on Oct 20 2021;

  • Household light beauty care appliances, numbered T/CHEAA 0020-2021, released on Dec 31 2021.