The 6-Year Achievement Release Conference of the Cloud-to-cloud Interconnection (CIC) Project of China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) was successfully held at Appliance & electronics World Expo 2021 (AWE2021) on March 24, 2021. At Hall 8.2, a special display zone was set up to display the scenario-based applications of the CIC project. It covered five household areas including living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and one public area-building to showcase four scenarios of daily life including coming home, leaving home, sleeping and getting up with more than 30 smart products from 10 enterprises involved. It is worth noting that this year’s application display went beyond private household areas to include public areas. Through cross-brand, cross-category product interconnection and the interaction between public and private areas, it established smart interconnected scenarios developed before and after home furnishing, and scenarios that connected community and real estate service, expanding the application scenarios of CIC project.

The CIC project was launched in 2015 when CHEAA initiated a smart household appliance interconnection work group along with several enterprises to explore a solution to cross-brand, cross-category interconnection and address the pain points of smart device interconnection. In 2016, the work group determined the technical direction and launched the establishment of CIC standard. In 2017, CHEAA standard T/CHEAA 0001—2017 Cloud to Cloud Interconnection for Smart Household Appliances was officially released. The standard has been iterated several times in the following three years and is now developed into a feasible solution for the interconnection of smart systems from different manufacturers.

Each year, CHEAA unveils the latest applications of the cross-brand interconnection of smart scenarios through CIC project at AWE.