On August 4, 2023, China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly released a notice to call for the participation of the second batch home appliance manufacturers in the relevant work of recycling target responsibility action. As of August 25, the press time, the action was still in early stage where enterprises had been filing and submitting application reports to the National Development and Reform Commission through local Development and Reform Commissions. The list of the second batch home appliance enterprises will be unveiled after the application reports are reviewed by the experts.

The action for the second batch adopts the same principles used for the first batch, with manufacturers of TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners as the target. Participating enterprises should set concrete implementation plans and measures for its annual waste home appliance recycling targets and the establishment of its recycling system, home appliance dismantling, and the establishment of its information management system. The notice encourages manufacturers to participate in the action voluntarily. It also encourages participators to actively expand recycling channels, innovate recycling methods, optimize storage facilities, smooth transportation networks, strengthen recycled product flow management, and improve processing capabilities and utilization of resources.

It’s worth noting that the notice encourage e-commerce platforms to actively cooperate with home appliance manufacturers, strengthen their information sharing, co-establish recycling networks, strengthen recycled product flow management, and deeply engage in the establishment of the waste home appliance recycled systems to promote home appliance consumption and green development.