China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) and China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) jointly released the White Paper on Smart Home Interconnection in China at AWE Summit 2023 - Future Home 2035 on April 28, 2023.

It has been the first white paper on smart home interconnection of China’s smart home industry. It consists of preface, main chapters, and conclusion. The main chapters cover the status quo of smart home industry, the progress on smart home interconnection, the analysis of smart home interconnection demands, the standard framework of CHEAA/CCSA JWG1, and suggestions from CHEAA and CCSA on smart home interconnection development. The white paper paints a picture of the current situation of smart home interconnection, combs through the smart home interconnection demands from multiple angles and proposes a top-level design for interconnection standard system for reference. It is aimed to promote smart home interconnection standardization to leap from “available” to “applicable” thus to guide the industrial practices of smart home interconnection and advance the healthy development of the smart home industry.

The white paper clearly states that, based on the demand analysis of consumers and the industry on interconnection, smart home interconnection standards should be systematic to meet whole-scenario interconnection demands. The smart home interconnection standard system should be established with a variety of interconnection solutions designed for different business scenarios that can be deployed collectively or individually depending on the specific business requirements of smart home equipment manufacturers and smart home platform providers. Currently, there are three solutions available to allow for local terminal device to device, terminal device to cloud platform, and cloud platform to cloud platform interconnection, which support the interconnection of individual scenarios within an organic unity.

The development of smart home relies on the integration of technologies as it crosses the boundaries of many industries along the industry chain and involves participants from different fields including home appliance, communication, internet, real estate, hotel and apartment, furnishing and decoration, chip, content service, security, etc. To break the limitations of individual industries and keep the smart home interconnection development in perspective, CHEAA and CCSA broadly invited seasoned industry players of smart home field at the beginning of the white paper project, and established a strong, broad writing group made up of home appliance manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers, IoT companies, operators and research institutions.

The establishment of the smart home interconnection standard system and its industrial application will be the cornerstones of the construction of the smart home eco system and the healthy development of the industry. Currently, the standard system needs to be further refined, and the industrial application has been undergoing. Plus, it faces the competition of its international counterparts. CHEAA and CCSA take the release of the white pater as an opportunity to call for players of the smart home industry to work together to break the boundaries of brands, eco systems, enterprises and industries, promote the industrial application of the smart home interconnection standard system and jointly build a complete smart home interconnection eco system that can be controlled by themselves.