Source: Xinhua Updated: Jul 13,2022 22:15    

BEIJING — A State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on July 13 detailed measures to stabilize and expand employment.

Calling for multipronged efforts to boost consumption, the meeting specified measures to shore up the consumption of green and intelligent home appliances.

The country's employment situation improved in June compared with that in the previous two months thanks to multiple measures to keep employment stable, but much work is still needed in the area, the meeting said.

Adhering to an employment-first policy, the country should stabilize employment by means of safeguarding market entities, and relief measures should be carried out in a continuous manner, it said.

While creating more jobs in market-oriented ways, the country needs to boost employment by supporting business startups with fiscal and fee-cutting assistance, according to the meeting.

To ensure stable employment of key groups, such as college graduates and migrant workers, the country will speed up the resumption of offline employment and carry out work-relief programs.

Efforts will also be made to ensure equal employment opportunities for jobseekers, the meeting said, stressing that the country must crack down on any discriminatory practices against jobseekers who have previously tested positive for COVID-19.

Vowing support for flexible employment, the meeting stressed efforts to improve basic social security services for gig-work jobseekers and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

On the consumption front, the meeting called for market-based and sustainable approaches to expand consumption so that it plays a greater role in driving economic growth.

To further catalyze the consumption of green and intelligent home appliances, the country will encourage local governments to provide financial and policy support, improve the market standards for such home appliances, and support the recycling and reusing of worn-out home appliances, according to the meeting.