Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance magazine

For this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival, Tmall posted real time transaction value of 372.3 billion RMB, 271.5 billion RMB, up by 32% year-on-year, while saw online retail sales surge by 170% year-on-year for November 11 alone and 75% for the whole Double 11 Shopping Festival, which set a new sales record for the company.

Of all online platforms, Tmall accounted for 59% by sales value, 26%, Pinduoduo 6%, 3%, and other platforms a combined share of 6%, according to Syntun.

The followings are lists of best-selling home appliance brands from by category.

Combined sales of all categories

For this year’s Double 11 on, Haier, Midea and Gree all hit the 100 million RMB milestone in less than 1 minute on Midea, Haier, Gree and Xiaomi remained the top 4 best sellers by sales volume with Haier narrowing the sales gap with Midea. Gree and Xiaomi were close in sales value, but sales of Gree mainly came from air conditioner sector. TCL, Siemens, Little Swan, Philips, Hisense and Panasonic followed closely behind, and Skyworth also made the list due to its strong promotion of its smart panels.


Statistics from show that, high-end TVs at 3000 RMB or more rose by 300% year-on-year in sales volume during Double 11 Shopping Festival, of which Xiaomi topped the list in 98“, 70“, 60“  TVs with TCL and Skyworth following behind with their AI-powered products.

Air conditioner

Gree topped the list by sales volume on, followed by Midea, Haier and Aux.

Refrigerator and washing machine

In the first half hour of the Double 11 Day, transaction value of ultra-large capacity refrigerators surged by 200% year-on-year, washer dryer combos up by 350% year-on-year, washers for mother and baby use up by 189% year-on-year. Brand wise, the top 4 best sellers of refrigerators and washers remained as last year. Xiaomi and Hisense were edged out of the best seller list of washers while TCL squeezed itself into both the list of washers and refrigerators.

Kitchen appliances

As coronavirus drives more people into kitchen, kitchen appliances sold in huge numbers during Double 11 Shopping Festival. Fotile, Robam, Midea and Vatii still took the lead in sales of kitchen appliances with Marssenger, Haier following behind.


Siemens topped the list with Midea close on its heels. Haier, Panasonic and Fotile followed behind, ranking 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

Vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum

In 30 minutes after Double 11 Shopping Day started, transaction value of air purifiers reached the whole day transaction value of last year in only 25 minutes; robot vacuums of Ecovacs surged 300% in sales volume; vacuum cleaners of Dyson hit the whole day transaction value of last year in only 5 minutes. Brand wise, Ecovacs and Dyson made the top 2 best sellers with a very narrow gap in sales, with Xiaomi, Tineco and Roborock following behind. Traditional white goods brands Midea and Haier remained strong sales momentum in sales of water purifiers, followed by A. O. Smith.

Healthcare appliances

Massage appliance brands such as Rotai, Ogawa and SKG were leading players of the category where traditional home appliance brands (except for Haier) were not deeply involved.