Source: posted combined transaction value of 269.2 billion RMB for June 18 Shopping Festival 2020. On June 18 alone, the platform saw transaction value of TVs hit 100 million RMB in only 31 seconds, air conditioners 500 million RMB in only 2 minutes and refrigerators and washers 500 million RMB in only 3 minutes. Brand wise, Haier hit 100 million RMB in only 1 minute, with Midea following behind hitting 100 million RMB in less than 2 minutes.

For the whole June 18 Shopping Festival 2020, the combined transaction value of air conditioners doubled year-on-year on; refrigerators and washing machines up by 130% year-on-year. Plus, 10 third-party stores saw transaction value hit 100 million RMB and more than 1000 saw transaction value hit 1 million RMB during June 18 Shopping Festival. From June 1 to 18, more than 25,000 live streaming campaigns were launched on, generating a combined transaction value that surpassed the total transaction value from live streaming sales on the same platform from January 1 to May 31.

Sales for the June 18 Shopping Festival on points to some trends such as the popularity of healthcare appliances, the high quality trend of home appliances, and new demands that come out of the stay-at-home orders during coronavirus.

Appliances with healthcare and bacteria removing functions gain popularity

For the whole June 18 Shopping Festival, refrigerators and washing machines with bacteria removing functions surged by 500% year-on-year by transaction value; mother & baby washing machines grew by 10 times; water purifiers with disinfection system doubled, of which 800G water purifiers grew by 5 times; air conditioners with bacteria removing function grew by 4 times.

Energy-efficient products are also gaining popularity. Grade 1 (by energy efficiency) air conditioners of Haier accounted for 40% of its air conditioner sold on during June 18 Festival 2020 by transaction value. Midea’s high-end windfree air conditioners rose by 200% by transaction value year-on-year during June 18 Shopping Festival 2020; Gree’s air conditioners saw sales volume of 1 million units; Aux’s air conditioners manufactured by the new energy efficiency standard took the lead in its air conditioner sales.

High-quality, high-end trend of home appliance consumption

The high-end trend of home appliance consumption is obvious during the June 18 Shopping Festival on

Large screen TVs become the mainstream of flat-panel TVs by sales from June 1 to June 18. Ultra-large panel TVs (75 inch and plus) saw sales volume grow by 3 times year-on-year; 55 inch plus TVs accounted for 80% of TVs sold on by transaction value; home theaters priced 10,000 RMB plus saw sales up by 200% year-on-year by transaction value.

Tech-powered flat-panel TVs that make life more convenient become a new trend. Smart-panel TVs that support human-machine interaction and whole house interconnection rose by 500% month-on-month by transaction value; TVs with online education function grew by more than two times year-on-year by transaction value; smart panels in support of online meetings and classes rose by 350% year-on-year by transaction value.

Mid-high range air conditioners that use comfortable breeze as a selling point saw a 320% rise in transaction value year-on-year; mid-high range washing machines priced more than 5000 RMB grew by 5 times in transaction value year-on-year; mid-high end refrigerators priced more than 7000 RMB grew by three times. When it comes to brands, Haier’s transaction value of refrigerators sold on June 18 alone exceeded the combined transaction value of its refrigerators for the whole June last year; Little Swan’s mid-high end series “water cube” and its direct drive motor series saw sales hit 10,000 units in only 10 minutes on the day of June 18.

Transaction value of high-end zero-cold-water (immediate hot water supply) water heaters were three times higher than last year on Integrated stoves grew to account for 20% of stoves sold by transaction value, a surge compared with the 5% of last year. Hoods with gesture control function became a popular model during June 18 Festival 2020, accounting for 60% of hoods by transaction value.

Vacuums from Dyson saw transaction value up by 210% year-on-year. Transaction value of beauty care appliances priced 2000RMB plus were five times higher than last year.

Stay-at-home order during coronavirus creates new demands

The stay-at-home order during coronavirus creates new demands, driving a sales surge of portable kitchen appliances.

Emerging categories such as high-speed blender, multiple-use cooker, air fryer, fruit & vegetable washer rose by 200% year-on-year in transaction value; home baking appliances such as oven, toaster and egg beater grew by 185% year-on-year in transaction value; dishwashers saw transaction value for June 18 Shopping Festival exceed the whole transaction value of the category for November last year.

Massagers saw transaction value rose by 240% year-on-year, with C2M (customer-to-manufacturer) models sold for more than 100,000 units. Electric toothbrushes rose by 230% year-on-year in transaction value. Electric fans saw transaction value for June 18 Shopping Festival surpass that of the whole June last year.