Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance Magazine


CHEAA’s annual China Household Electrical Appliances Technical Conference (CHEATC) successfully ends on October 31th 2018 after two days of meetings that brings together around 700 attendees, an all-time high.

This record-setting figure means a lot for this year in particular. Experiencing great changes in economic landscape at home and abroad, China’s home appliance industry does not stop its exploration in technology and R&D. The increased number of attendees demonstrates a lot of things: the increasingly mature technology development system of industry players, their perseverance, the decision makers’ confidence and composure, as well as the dedication of technicians.

The strong academic atmosphere of the grand meeting on October 30th as well as the six individual meetings on the following day is very touching.

Topic of the first day’s grand meeting focuses on smartization. Chinese home appliance industry is one of the pioneers worldwide in the introduction of smart technologies. Years after the topic first brought up at CHEATC, industry insiders are no longer at lost. They turn their interests from general introductions to applications of smart technologies and how cases of other industries could enlighten the home appliance industry, as well as technological trends on a global level. At this meeting, Haier’s exploration in smart home and the progress of CHEAA-led Cloud-to-Cloud Interconnection standard represent what the industry has achieved at this stage.

Issues discussed at the 6 individual meetings include the technical ecosystem established by Supplier Ecosystem of Refrigeration Industry (SERI) , shared technologies such as smart manufacturing and coating materials, and specific technologies such as fresh-keeping technology used in refrigerators. This, and the surging quantity and quality of papers from enterprises such as Midea illuminate the state of the whole industry-their dedication in technology R&D and their efforts in applying their studies into products.

Technology, with no doubt, is the best indicator if you try to summarize the characteristics of the industry by phases, and CHEATC a reflection of the industry. From this year’s CHEATC, we can see that China’s home appliance industry is asserting itself with growing dependence and capability.