AWE Award 2021 was unveiled on March 24 2021 with products from 10 companies including Haier, Sony, Bosch, Hisense, Panasonic, TCL, Robam, AEG, Miele and Casarte winning the top honor.

This year’s AWE Award allowed products rolled out in the past two years to apply due to the postponement of AWE2020, attracting applications of 491 products. At this special time, AWE Award is expected to guide home appliance consumption and boost industry confidence.

To reflect the current trends, AWE Award 2021 adjusted its award setting. After the adjustment, it set up seven awards including six expert-selected awards which were Top Award, Best Innovation Award, Best Design Award, Best Product Award, Best Component Award and Best Smart Technology Award, and one consumer-selected award which was Most Popular Award. The previous award set up for environmental protection was removed.

As consumers’ demands upgrade from basic functions to quality, smart and packaged products, AWE Award included packaged products as a category this year, aiming to select AI-powered, interconnected and well-designed packages with 2-5 individual products.