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“Technology and good food are not to be missed on one’s way to a happy life”. The proverb reveals to us the essence of the AWE. Public impression of the March 2019 AWE, still lingering on, has not altogether passed away or dissipated, in spite of subsequent new exhibitions. Again, that’s probably due to the AWE’s uniqueness. 

If you see AWE as a commonplace appliance show, your view is out-of-date. The AWE 2019 provides a full view of the latest innovations in so many fields, like home appliances, consumer electronics, smart home, IoT, AI, 5G, smart transportation and smart entertainment.

It’s also an out-of-date view to see it as merely a show in China. The AWE 2019 highlighted not only the presence of much more than renowned Chinese appliance manufacturers, high-tech firms and internet companies. Attracted to the exhibition, top professional companies and multinationals from across the world, e.g. EU, the U.S., Japan and South Korea, met at the event, with some hints of shyness and exhilaration. Foreign senior executives introduced their latest products and technologies to visitors and media with patience.

Seen from the two perspectives, the AWE is a high-value, high-tech platform attracting global attention. As science progress and advances ultimately change our mode and quality of life, the AWE brings together global technologies and generates a scenario of our future life.

Take the typical white goods and black goods for example, the Haier Booth put on display its latest breakthroughs in seven fields, including security, laundry and indoor air cleaning, among others. The Haier laundry IoT system offered a life-cycle management platform with an integrated smart solution to laundry, care, storage, drying and buying so people could have a look at the future life. Haier XCOOK, as a health counsel and part of the Haier food IoT system, integrated 200+ resource providers specializing from seven fields, e.g. food, entertainment, farms, dietitians and more so that an all-in-one solution covering buying, storage, cooking, hygiene and health management could address diverse user needs. People could see how fridges revolutionize lifestyle and create great value for the society. The Midea Booth also displayed consumer appliances, HVACs, robotic & automation systems, smart supply chains, etc. With numerous new technologies on show, the AWE became a cool high-tech carnival.  
The AWE 2019 was also the catwalk of global color television brands. Apart from five Chinese black goods giants (i.e. Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Changhong and Konka), foreign giants, e.g. Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Panasonic and global panel giant LG Display, also appeared at the event, forming a spectacular sight. Most importantly, the giants released their newest display technologies to present to the world the most stunning of all large screen displays: 8K resolution with thrilling vivid images, OLEDs bendable in various shapes, multifarious ULEDs and laser color televisions. In one word, the advances in black goods was a great feast for the eyes. 

Many media streamers often have the illusion that they cover the AWE to make a feature of technological advances, and yet their attention is frequently drawn to the yummy food made by kitchen appliances and small home appliances seen everywhere in the halls. Because the boundary between technology and good food blurs at times, media streamers almost invariably work as they eat and recreate at all events.  

This year, AWE organizers thought out of the box by holding a spectacular “Gourmet Festival” during which kitchen appliance makers showed off many cooking skills (e.g. steaming, barbecuing, frying and stir-frying), using a variety of brand-new appliances to attract and satisfy media streamers and consumers with many delicacies. There was no boundary between technology and good food.
The AWE 2020 is going to set sail when people’s impression of the preceding event still lingers on. It is said that three more halls have been built, increasing the number of halls to 13 and the total space to an unprecedented 150,000 m2. In addition to the attractive Gourmet Festival in 2019, there’ll be a “Beauty Festival” said to be dedicated to a new “Charm Hall”. 

As to how charming and beautiful the new halls will be, a spokesperson of AWE organizers circulated a message with reserve: “We want to beg you for understanding. There’ll be 13 halls next year, but more space doesn’t mean lack of reason. After all, our primary focus is to have more exhibitors, more diversity and more interaction.”  

Perhaps the conceivable and predictable moments will not be truly felt until Mar. 2020, yet we have faith in the immutable essence of AWE.


Time: Mar. 11-14, 2020

Place: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Halls: W1-W5, N1-N5, E1-E3



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