In less than two months, the annual Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) will be staged at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 14-17, 2019.


It is reported that this year's AWE2019 key supporting activities have been planned, and the China Household Appliances Development Summit Forum and the "AWE Awards Ceremony" are still reserved projects.

The 9th "China Home Appliance Development Summit Forum" held by AWE2019 has been identified as "Technology Reconstruction, Ecological Reengineering". The organizers intend to invite well-known experts and scholars in the fields of investment, technology and industry observation to share cutting-edge technology.,trends and explore the impact of industrial ecological change on life, while well-known brand executives in the home appliance industry will share the latest market results and business experience from different perspectives.

On AWE2019, the organizer will continue to host the China Real Estate Decoration and Modern Kitchen Summit Forum, which is jointly created by the China Household Electrical Appliance Association and the China Real Estate Association. It is worth noting that this year's AWE2019, German Modern Kitchen Industry Association (AMK) also joined the summit forum, and the three associations jointly organized the event. At that time, the Top 100 Real Estate Purchasing Exhibition Group will be invited to participate in the exhibition to fully understand the tremendous changes brought about by the 2019 consumption upgrade to the home appliance industry and the real estate industry.

On this year's AWE2019, the organizer will hold a brand new AWE kitchen food festival. At that time, various celebrity chefs and gourmet masters will showcase the special cooking skills on the spot, and share the experience with the audience. The audience will enjoy the kitchen appliances and the high-quality of life they bring.

AI intelligent blending industry chain

In addition to the above-mentioned important supporting activities, AWE2019 will also hold the smart home appliance interconnection conference, GTIC 2019 global AI chip innovation summit, 2019 China Environment and Health Appliances Summit Forum, China Household Appliance Industry Chain Conference, and 2019 Smart Retail Industry Summit.

GTIC 2019 Global AI Chip Innovation Summit will focus on ecology, architecture and applications. The organizers intend to invite relevant leaders of China Semiconductor Industry Association. Intel, Qualcomm, Baidu, Huawei, Synopsys, Haier and other high-level companies will be in the forum. Live sharing of the latest research and success in the field of AI chips


At the same time, the 2019 China Environmental and Health Appliances Summit Forum will focus on consumer guidance and a new direction of smart life, and create a 315 wind vane for the environmental health appliance industry; 2019 China Appliance Industry Chain Conference will propose new products, new processes, and new technologies around home appliance manufacturing. 2019 Smart Retail Industry Summit will exchange ideas and achievements of domestic excellent enterprises using big data to promote the rapid and healthy development of China's big data industry.