Source: AWE

AWE 2019 unveils its new theme recently-Falling in love with AI· Smart Life. Under this new theme, it is gearing up to bring more innovative products, solutions, cross-boundary elements and global big names to its platform, and is ready to reinterpret its core concept-Home for Next by painting a blueprint on how AI powers our lives in the new era.

Smart manufacturing has become an inevitable trend with life-changing solutions flourishing. AI, as the core technology of it, sees an explosive growth. As AI integrates with more and more products including home appliances, a new trend is set.

At last year’s AWE, AI has already been a hot word on everyone’s lips. Global AI Chip Innovation Forum, hosted at AWE for the first time, was packed with attendees, signaling the enthusiasm of the industry towards the upcoming AI era. Home appliance enterprises are ready to break boundaries by offering AI-equipped products and services. Haier goes faster than the industry in the innovations and applications regarding smart home. It has rolled out an AI-equipped smart home solution, first of the industry, established an open smart home innovation platform, and created an open eco system along with its partners, setting an example for the industry. Midea unveiled its new strategy called “the new era of human-machine interaction” last year, expanding its portfolio from HVAC and home appliances to include smart manufacturing, smart logistics and smart retailing. While more enterprises such as Changhong and TCL deploy smart manufacturing, internet giants also step up their efforts in AI business. At Huawei’s Hi-Link exhibition area, we found that its clients spanned almost half of home appliance industry including Midea, Haier, Skyworth, Changhong, Vanward, Robam, Airmate, Fotile, Chigo, Ecovacs, Little Swan, Joyoung and Galanz. At AWE 2019, iFLYTEK and Speakin will be part of AWE’s Technology Park, and they are ready to bring more energy to the show. Besides, with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent getting involved in the development of open cloud platforms and eco systems, we believe more and more brands will be able to connect through platforms, which could be a benefit for both home appliance makers as well as consumers.

China’s home appliance industry is going smart, high-end and customized through an industry upgrade. AI, with no doubt, will become a battle field of high technology. But to improve consumers’ recognition and experience, this industry have a long way to go.

AI is the backbone of future smart life as well as a reason behind people’s affection in smart life. Get ready for AWE 2019, and Falling in love with AI · Smart Life.