Entering into 2018, kitchen appliance industry fails to continue its growing momentum of the past few years, and shrinks in overall sales. But what’s unchanged is the enthusiasm of kitchen appliance makers for AWE2019. It is learned that AWE2019 will cover an exhibition area of 135,000 square meters with kitchen appliances taking a big part. China’s largest and most professional high-scale kitchen show is ready to exhibit the charisma of technology along with industry heavyweights at home and abroad.

It’s worth mentioning that, as AWE expands its influence globally, German modern kitchen association AMK has decided to debut at AWE2019 with more than 10 renowned members of it under the theme of Future Living.

A show that gathers heavyweights at home and abroad

The top industry show is set to paint a blueprint of how smart technology powers our lives with the participation of all the big names in high-end kitchen appliances on March 14th to 17th 2019 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Currently, GE, Fisher & Paykel, Casarte, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Fotile, Robam and Vatti have confirmed their presences and AMK decides to come with 10 of its members.

Haier has been a hot spot for years with its six brands on show including Haier, Fisher & Paykel, GE Appliances, AQUA, Casarte and Leader. AWE2019 is no exception. Fisher & Paykel plans to establish a number of high-end kitchen scenarios on site to display its designs in space planning, drawers, etc. GE Appliances has amazed the visitors with its 470,000 RMB worth of Monogram series of kitchen appliances in the previous show, making its presence at AWE 2019 particularly expected. Casarte, with no doubt, will come as usual to deliver its artistic designs and philosophies to visitors through its elite-oriented kitchens.

Boasting high quality, German brands such as Bosch and AEG is ready to dazzle the visitors again at AWE2019. Bosch prepares to put a modern kitchen on show with its IoT-powered kitchen appliances. Wang Weiqing, Senior Vice President and CEO of BSH China, believes that, a high-quality home experience requires proper scenarios, well-targeted people and immersiveness, which could all be found at AWE. Combining great designs with high quality, AEG will showcase a wide array of products including hoods, ranges, ovens, steamers and microwave ovens at AWE 2019 after its stunning debut at AWE 2018.

Not to be outdone, Chinese enterprises leverage their advantages as local brands, flexing the muscles with full lines of products on display. High-end domestic brands such as Fotile, Robam and Vatti will compete alongside global brands at AWE 2019. Sun Liming, Vice President of Fotile, says, “Fotile is an old friend of AWE. At AWE, we offer our unique products, verify our technological innovation directions, and look into the future consumption trends. We want consumers to feel the charisma of smart technologies, and we want to establish a life full of happiness with our consumers.”

The way exhibitors present the show is another factor that matters other than products. Looking back at AWE 2018, we’ll surely remember Fotile’s time-themed booths established based on the concepts of time and product, Robam’s integrated kitchen featuring an intelligent and sleek design, and Vatti’s human head sculpture that delivered the message of knowledge-powered kitchen. These presentations act as an endorsement of products and technologies. What we’ll see at AWE 2019? Get ready for it.

AWE 2019 will once again bring together real estate enterprises and home appliance enterprises to explore the paths of fine decoration at China Real Estate Fine Decoration Forum. A visiting delegation made up of purchasers from property developers will come to AWE 2019 to take a look at the changes amid consumption upgrading in home appliance industry as well as housing industry.

A new concept of high-end kitchen appliances defined by AWE and AMK

At AWE, technology compliments with aesthetics, offering a gala for global industry insiders and consumers. In partnership with AWE, German modern kitchen association AMK is ready to make a debut with tens of its members including Miele, V-Zug, Kessebohmer, Hettich, Sachsen, Carat, Vauth Sagel, Nobilia and Blum. Under the theme of Future Living, they’ll redefine the concept of high-end kitchen appliance with their time-honored craft and quality.

We learn from Mr. Cai Hongyi, General Manager of AMK China, that, founded in 1956, AMK grows with the development of Germany’s built-in kitchen industry, and currently has more than 140 members including kitchen appliance makers, cabinet makers and related suppliers, accounting for 90% of European kitchen market by sales.

AWE is going global, from its overseas campaign on Facebook to its cooperation with AMK, and it is ready to embrace more international elements in the future. Let’s get ready for the exciting participation of German kitchen players at AWE’s smart living platform in 2019.