Source: AWE

The upcoming AWE 2018 is witnessing a critical stage of China’s home appliance industry, a stage featuring a transformation of economic driving forces. To advance industry progress, this industry needs new blood, new technology and stronger driving forces. At this stage, an integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and real economy become a new direction for China’s home appliance and consumer electronics industry.

AI allows technology to know you better

AI brings technology closer to you and allows it to know you better. Haier, a pioneer of traditional home appliance makers on the path of Internet-based transformation, released its U+ Smart Life Platform in 2016, and elevated it to a higher level in 2017. Able to be controlled by voice, U+ connects human and services, equipping appliances with a brain to learn users and appliances thus offering services you need and want. It is a platform developed with smart home scenarios in mind.

AWE 2018 is to offer you forums spanning a wide array of sectors including kitchen appliances, white goods, consumer electronics and supply chains. Of these forums, Global Technology Innovation Conference 2018(GTIC 2018) will surely be the most relevant to AI. The conference is set to bring together 40 industry experts in AI, smart travel and smart home from NVIDIA, iFLYTEK, SINGULATO, Goertek, Horizon Robotics and more enterprises to probe issues covering supply chains, hot startup projects, and how AI drives industry upgrading in various fields. Alongside GTIC 2018, these enterprises will also be a crucial part of AWE’s exhibitions.

Decode AI at AWE

AI, a hot concept in recent years, must be advanced in accordance with technology and business trends and based on a thorough understanding of AI. There have been three waves of development in AI history. The first wave started with the concept of AI born at Dartmouth Conference in 1956. After 60 plus years, AI develops fast. Deep learning enables the surfacing of a handful of applications such as Memory, DNC and GAN, unleashing the power of big data. Currently, AI has entered its third wave and is at the eve of an explosive boom.

Hu Yu, Executive President and President of consumer business group of iFLYTEK, pointed out at AWE that, the biggest challenge facing AI was sensing and recognizing, and how much it can be applied in human-machine interaction and vertical industries. AWE 2018 is expected to attract outstanding players of AI such as Baidu, Intel, Tesla and Amazon to be part of the show. Traditional home appliance heavyweights such as Haier, Midea, Changhong and TCL have also stepped up their deployments in AI. Starting a new journey of AI, AWE 2018 is ready to embark an exciting show.