China’s annual Singles’ Day shopping spree on Nov 11 heated up China’s home appliances and consumer electronics market to a higher level. Just like AWE’s role as a platform to exhibit high-end products and cutting-edge technologies, Singles’ Day shopping festival has become an indicator of the development of home appliance industry. Complementing with each other, AWE 2018 witnesses China’s booming economy and home appliance industry along with Singles’ Day shopping festival.


Singles’ Day has long become a battlefield of enterprises. With all eyes on, home appliance sector posted strong track record this year. According to statistics from JD.COM, China’s largest e-commerce platform of home appliances and consumer electronics, sales value of flat-panel TVs exceeded 0.1 billion RMB in only one minute; sales value of air conditioners exceeded 0.5 billion RMB in half an hour and in only 50 minutes, it surged to a figure three times higher than the whole-day sales value of last year; refrigeration and laundry sector saw sales value two times higher than last year; water purifier sector saw sales value three times higher year-on-year; portable kitchen appliance sector posted whole-day sales volume of more than 2.5 million units. All these figures indicate the great market potential of China’s home appliance industry that is ready to be unleashed.


As China grows to be the most important market at the forefront of global home appliance and consumer electronics industry, AWE, the largest show of this field in China, has become an industry gala. Domestic enterprises including Haier, Midea, Gree, Hisense, Skyworth and TCL, and global heavyweights such as Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, GE, Panasonic, LG and Sharp are all gearing up to flex their muscles at AWE 2018.


According to JD.COM’s sales report on Singles’ Day shopping festival, Midea, Haier and Gree made top three respectively by aggregate sales value of all categories. Statistics released by Midea showed that, Midea saw whole-day sales value of 4.5 billion RMB on Nov 11based on aggregate statistics from its all online channels, a year-on-year rise of 70%, and in only the first hour, Midea surpassed the whole-day sales value of last year, with aggregate online sales value of 1.737 billion RMB, a year-on-year growth of 117%. According to Haier, sales value of products carrying the brand name of Haier exceeded 0.1 billion RMB in only four minutes, 0.2 billion in 10 minutes, and 0.3 billion in 15 minutes, refreshing last year’s record of 0.1 billion in 6 minutes. Statistics from Gree showed that, sales value of Gree exceeded 0.1 billion RMB in 7 minutes, 0.2 billion in 22 minutes, and in less than an hour, its sales value of air conditioners on JD.COM surpassed the whole-day sales value of its same category last year on the same platform.


Category wise, both foreign brands and domestic industry leaders posted strong track records. According to Sharp, its sales value of brown goods from all channels surpassed 1 billion RMB, and its sales of TVs topped the best seller list of JD.COM on Nov 11, with Hisense, TCL, Mi and Skyworth following behind. As to white goods, industry heavy weights catching all eyes at AWE 2017 maintained strong momentum. Haier topped sales of both refrigerators and washing machines at JD.COM on Nov 11. Siemens was ranked second and third by sales of refrigerators and washing machines respectively. The top five sellers of refrigerators at JD.COM were Haier, Siemens, Midea, Ronshen and Meling. Leading sellers of washing machines were Haier, Little Swan, Siemens, Midea and Sanyo. As to air conditioners, Gree topped the best seller list with Midea, Aux, Haier and TCL following behind. Air purifier market was dominated by Philips, Honeywell, 352, Panasonic and Blue air.


As AWE’s role in demonstrating industry improvements, Singles’ Day Online Shopping Festival acts as an indicator of the industry development, from which you could easily see consumers’ preferences, and therefore forecast future trends.


A change in consumption philosophy in China is driving enterprises to transform their strategies to reflect users’ needs. Consumers’ needs are also what AWE 2018 value. AWE 2018 will establish a Technology Park for audiences. To invite audiences to involve in a fascinating technology journey, AWE 2018 offers hands-on experiences covering smart travel, artificial intelligence, smart entertainment and smart life. With cutting-edge technology products and the most fabulous user experiences, AWE 2018 appeals to the needs of young consumers. Providing a splendid technology feast every year, AWE receives wide appraise.


Singles’ Day shopping spree, also an industry feast, will continue to evolve to stay in line with industry changes. China’s home appliance industry is transforming into an enterprise-initiated, user-oriented and demand-driven mode. Singles’ Day shopping festival witnesses the changes of home appliance industry as AWE does.


Singles’ Day shopping festival has ended, but AWE 2018 is getting closer.