With new products rolled out featuring OLED, quantum dots, laser, HDR, etc., TV industry is embracing a technological boom after years of flatness. And which product stands out? We’ll see at the forthcoming Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) in March 2017.


Samsung unveiled its next generation QLTD TV lineup early this year. According to our source, Samsung’s 75" Class Q8C QLED TV is set to on display at AWE 2017 as its blockbuster product.

Samsung’s new OLED TV offers dramatically improved color performance, displaying 100% DCI-P3 color volume, and expresses all colors at any level of brightness with QLED’s peak luminance between 1,500 and 2,000 nits.

The improvements to design and usability in the QLED TV series include a single, transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ cable, through which all of the peripheral devices can be gathered and connected to the TV. Samsung is offering two new stands designed to elevate and showcase the QLED TVs as beautiful home accessories all by themselves.

According to our source, more new products from Samsung are set to on display at AWE 2017.


LG is due to showcase its new OLED TVs at AWE 2017. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV’s self-lighting pixel generates deep and perfect blacks and cinematic colors. It is able to reproduce the widest contrast range possible in a 2.57mm-thick television display with High Dynamic Range (HDR). Its exceptional picture quality goes well with top-notch sound quality designed by harman/kardon®.


Sharp’s LCD-70TX85A, an Internet-capable TV line designed to meet Chinese market, is set to be on display at AWE 2017. Using Sharp’s classic Japan-made X-GEN LCD panel and exclusive UV2A technology, it achieves a higher contrast ratio by enhancing light efficiency and eliminating backlight leakage, and delivers strong HDR performance.

It has a separated AVC box with built-in Mstar MSD95V chips and an independent 5.1 surround sound system.


Hisense’s wide screen laser TV is set to be on display at AWE 2017. Compared to LCD TVs of same size, Hisense’s laser TV stands out with lower cost, smaller size and higher energy efficiency. And those with a size between 88" -120" Class have been hot since introduced on market. Hisense’s new generation laser TV is a 4K HDR TV with a 5.1 sound system.

Hisense reveals that, it is set to roll out new models this year with panels smaller than 70" Class and panels the size between 120"-140" Class.


TCL’s Xess TV achieves 110% of NTSC, and delivers strong color performance. It offers a high contrast ratio with a light control module made of 1,152 backlight units and 288 segments, and offers extraordinary sound system designed by harman/kardon®.


As the first-ever AR smart TV globally, Skyworth’s S9D TV expands the application of AR technology to more fields including child education, AR somatic games and more. It uses an OLED panel and 4-color HDR technology to achieve strong luminance and zero blue light.


With 8.3 million self-lighting pixels, Konka’s new OLED TV achieves a high contrast ratio. And its 12 bit panel is able to deliver 68.6 billion colors thanks to its use of double HDR technology and exclusive true-color wheel technology.

AWE has grown to be a recognized platform for Appliance and electronics enterprises to showcase their strength. AWE organizing committee reveals that this year they bring together Samsung, LG, Sharp, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Midea, BSH, Siemens, Panasonic and a lot more brands at the forthcoming AWE 2017 in March.