Source: AWE Organising Committee

The Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) is going to take place in Shanghai, China from March 9-11, 2017. With the theme "Smart Home", the expo this year will be hosting numerous intelligent-related forums. Among these forums, the Global Technology Innovation Conference 2017 (GTIC) designed for more than a thousand participants is no doubt the blockbuster. This conference will be held on March 10.

GTIC is a conference and resource sharing platform dedicated to scientific and technological innovations focusing on new technological fields, such as artificial intelligence, VR/AR and intelligent drive. In 2016, GTIC played host to the 2016 Beijing VR/AR Summit and invited a line-up of more than 40 gurus of various backgrounds share their wisdom. The Summit has attracted more than 10,000 intelligent industry participants from 4,500 related enterprises, more than 300 media of different sectors and 320 investment institutions.

With the successful experience mentioned above, ZhiDX will partner with AWE, Jiguo, GfK and Tencent Technologies to co-sponsor this year's GTIC, which will revolve around the theme of "Intelligent Evolution, Reload the Future" and feature three major discussion topics --"AI technology exchange," "intelligent drive" and "intelligent home living". A score of high profile guests including Head of Google Cloud Machine Learning, Fei-Fei Li; Amazon SVP, Dave Limp; Intel Corporate VP, Ian Yang; Baidu President, Yaqin Zhang; Microsoft Corporate SVP, Hsiao-Wuen Hon; Sogou CEO, Xiaochuan Wang; iFlyTech President, Yu Hu; Tesla Corporate VP, Yuxiang Ren; Sony SCE VP, Masayasu Ito; and Dyson CEO, Max Conze will be invited to share their technical expertise in machine learning, natural language understanding, computer vision and chips, as well as other contents related to intelligent drive, robots and intelligent home living.

Coextensively, this conference will initiate the GTIC Awards 2017, an innovative science and technology product selection contest. It will cover five primary segments -- "artificial intelligence", "intelligent drive", "intelligent entertainment", "intelligent home living", and "sports and health". Innovative science and technology products will be collated, where distinguished entrepreneurs and start-ups will be discovered. Organizing committee, judging panel consisting of a hundred CEOs and another panel made up of a hundred chief editors constitute a three-pronged evaluation mechanism, and they will jointly assess and choose the winners. The GTIC Awards 2017 is opened for public registration, which will last until February 10, 2017, with the six awards to be presented live at the GTIC event.

Other than the GTIC, during the course of the AWE, about a dozen other high-end activities will be held, including Home Appliances Summit and Presentation Ceremony of the AWE Award. With a record-breaking scale of eight exhibition halls totaling 110,000 square meters of space at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, audiences will be able to browse through brand new products fromtraditional home appliances, consumer electronics, kitchen and bath, to small appliances, and have the chance to experience first-hand tech trends like intelligent home living, intelligent appliances, environmental and healthy home appliances. At the same time, the AWE "Technology Park" will organize a series of activities including live robot battles, VR/AR games and AI challenges.

The organizer of AWE expresses the hope for AWE 2017 to continue with embodying policies of the government, voices of the industry and achievements of enterprises so as to allow the media and the public to witness the developmental trends of the era. The Smart Home area, which will underscore consumer experience, will strive to continually enlarge the eco-sphere of AWE+ Smart Home in order to promote the cross-pollination, integration, and mutual benefits between traditional industries and emerging sectors.

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