Date: 2016-10-27

With a contract with CBS, Google is set to roll out a TV service on YouTube in January 2017, a move viewed as a challenge to traditional TV industry. In the forthcoming 2017, the CHEAA-convened Appliances & electronics World Expo (AWE) is expected to witness a battle between traditional TV makers and emerging Internet TV makers.

In March this year, AWE 2016 saw a TV technology battle waged among LG's ultra HD Signature G6, Samsung's new TV with immersive design and quantum dot color, Skyworth's frameless S9300, Hisense's curved 4k ULED TV and laser TV, all screaming a new technological trend.

Its unprecedented scale in 2016 makes AWE a stronger platform for industry players to showcase their strengths. In 2007, AWE is set to expand its scale in TV category to include emerging Internet TV brands such as LeTV, Whaley, PPTV, Baofeng, CAN TV.

The first half of 2016 has seen a heated competition in TV industry between traditional brands and Internet brands. According to statistics from All View Cloud (AVC), in the first half of 2016, traditional TV brands represent 75% of the industry in terms of retail sales, 3.8% down year-on-year, and Internet brands represent 16%, 7.9% up year-on-year.

The low price strategy of Internet brands triggered a price war in TV industry, leaving an embarrassing result of increased sales volume and flat revenue. As a result, the average retail price of a TV fell by 10.2%, and the profit of traditional industry players is getting slim. AWE, a platform previously dominated by traditional TV brands, is starting to feel the tense.

AWE 2017 is to see a fierce competition among Chinese, Japanese and South Korean brands, with Samsung and LG as South Korean TV brands, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp as Japanese TV brands, and Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, Haier as traditional Chinese brands and LeTV, PPTV, CAN TV, Whaley, Baofeng as Chinese Internet brands.

According to AWE organizing committee, TVs are expected to be displayed in the Consumer Electronics Area, a preferred area for industry players to release their blockbuster new products, and a platform that brings together relevant content operators, platform operators, software and hardware suppliers to build an annual gala for TV industry.

AWE 2017, with eight exhibition halls covering 110, 000 square meters, have almost finished its preparation, with global brands including Haier, Midea, Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic, Hisense, A.O. Smith each covering an area of above a thousand square meters. As to kitchen appliances, Robam, Fotile, Vatti, Oulin, Vanward, Macro, Sakura and other professional brands are set to have a special exhibition hall for kitchen and bath appliances. What's more, environment appliances and small appliances are set to bring cross-boundary new products in AWE 2017.

With theme "ultimate smart life, all at AWE 2017", AWE 2017 collaborates with Jiguo, a website specializing in shopping guidance, to build a brand new exhibition hall named Technology Park, covering an area of 12,500 square meters. Technology Park spans six areas featuring smart entertainment, smart travel, artificial intelligence, smart life, sports & healthcare and world premiere, and brings together global brands such as Tesla, Vive, Oculus, Hololens, PS VR, GoPro, DJI, iFLY TECH, etc. It is targeted to cross-boundary technologies, hardware innovations and terminal technologies, in hope of building a smart life exhibition area centering on consumer experience. By extending visions on smart household life and bringing smart life on stage, Technology part is set to impress in AWE 2017.