Source: AWE

Vacuum cleaning appliance has been a fast-growing sector of the home appliance industry in recent years as people’s household cleaning demand rose when they stayed at home amid the pandemic. With China’s epidemic prevention and control measures optimized in the end of 2022, the post-COVID-19 era comes, which does not dampen the growing momentum of vacuum cleaning industry and its technical iteration but embarks on an intelligent vacuum cleaning era that is smarter, more convenient and healthier.

Robot vacuum cleaner, a well-established category with strong sales, and floor washer, a rising category that reaches a market size of more than 10 billion Yuan in only three years, stood out by sales with retail sales value of robot vacuum cleaners on the Chinese market up 3.4% YoY at 12.41 billion Yuan and that of floor washers up 72.5% YoY at 9.97 billion Yuan in 2022 according to omni channel data from All View Cloud. The combined sales value of the two sectors account for nearly 70% of the total sales of China’s vacuum cleaning market which stood at 32.2 billion Yuan.

Despite consumers’ dented spending confidence amid the pandemic, robot vacuum cleaners and floor washers gain increasing popularity as they well target the upgraded household cleaning demand of Chinese consumers. Chinese households mostly use tile or wood flooring which require not only dust suction but also floor washing and mopping. The demand has not been tapped until the rollout of the original floor washers as well as robot vacuum cleaners with floor washing function, which marks a milestone of development for the industry.

Vacuum cleaning appliance sector posted strong track record and led the growth of home appliances in the past three years. It has entered a brand-new stage that features an upgrade towards smarter, more convenient and healthier products. For instance, robot vacuum cleaner with diverse functions has gained traction in recent years as it truly frees the hands of people with its one-stop smart life solutions that include cleaning, mopping, self-cleaning and dust collection.

Accurately meeting the cleaning demands of Chinese households, the prospect of floor washers is promising. The fast-growing sector draws in a large influx of industry players, which generates active technical innovation and product iteration. After three years of development, floor washer sector addresses many pain points with wider brushes, tangle-free function etc. Besides, it expands its scenarios with versatile functional attachments to integrate floor washing, dust suction and mite removing functions into one product, and improves convenience for users with its self-cleaning function updated through a clean base.

An exhibition hall will be specially set to display the smart vacuum cleaning solutions of the industry at AWE2023 (Appliance & electronics World Expo 2023) from April 27-30 2023 in Shanghai, China. It will cover robot vacuum cleaners, floor washers, dust mite controllers, vacuum cleaners, intelligent dustbins from vacuum cleaning brands at home and abroad that includes Ecovacs, Lexy, Tineco, Dreame, Roborock, Karcher, Bissell, Deerma, 3i, Miboi, Litheli, INXNI, DIISEA. As the indicator of China’s home appliance consumption market, AWE will set the trend of the vacuum cleaning industry. With cutting-edge smart technologies and innovation products displayed, it will embark on a new era of high-quality development along with industry players.