Source: Aug. 24, 2019 PRNewswire

AUX held "Belt and Road" Thailand Base Structure Completion Ceremony & AUX "Belt and Road" Strategic Partnership Conference in Rayong, Thailand. The ceremony was attended by Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, Ms. Zhang Peidong, Minister-Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Pol.Gen.Chidchai Vanasatidya, former deputy prime minister President of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone, among other guests. The conference arguably saw unprecendented presence from over 300 distributors and customers across over 100 countries and regions covering Asia Pacific, Middle East, America, Europe and Africa.

As a strategic area of "Belt and Road" Initiative, Thailand is the logistics, trade and financial center of ASEAN. It is also a natural bridge between ASEAN market and China, and a hinge of Asia that connects to Europe and the Americas. With the continuous deepening of "Belt and Road" Initiative, new opportunities and broader space are brought to the economic and trade development of China and Thailand. In active response to the national initiative, AUX implements its internationalization strategy, facilitate industry-wide transformation towards higher quality, and give global users access to more innovative high-end air conditioners. Whiling devoting itself to building the globalized industrial chain ecosystem, AUX would like to strive for common development together with global distributors so as to create more value to all consumers and produce win-win results among multiple stakeholders.

The establishment of AUX Thai manufacturing base is a milestone in the strategic layout of AUX smart manufacturing, which indicates that AUX has officially embarked on the new journey towards internationalization. At the same time, the construction and commissioning of the base will enhance friendly collaboration between the two countries, and bring more high-end ACs backed by "Chinese smart manufacturing" beyond Thailand to the whole Southeast Asia region, thus forming a booster to the region's home appliance market.

All work, involving field survey, contract execution, construction implementation, and the structure complement, took just 14 months. The project of Thai base totals 1.5 billion yuan with a planning annual output of 3 million unites of intelligent air conditioners. The first phase covers an area of 170 mu (about 688,005 square meters), with the floor area being 100,000 square meters or so. With 600 million yuan, Phase I has planned capacity equivalent to 1.1 million units. Worth noting is the upgrade made by the new factory in all respects, such as automatic production, intelligent equipment, informatization management, digital decision-making, and automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). This allows the capacity per capita to increase 30% and the product delivery cycle to be 30% shorter, making the factory a new standard setter for intelligent AC manufacturing.