Donper unveils its VDU series, a new generation of super-compact variable frequency compressors, in Guilin, Guangxi province on Dec. 14, 2018.

The company grows fast in the past few years thanks to its dedication in variable frequency technologies, posting doubled sales volume of variable frequency compressors in 2018 after rebalancing its product mix, up from 1.2 million units in 2017 significantly, according to Yang Baichang, Chairman of the board of Donper Group.

The new series, designed for refrigerators with a capacity of 80L-300L, reflects the compressor giant’s fast response to the rising variable frequency market trend.

Mauro Santos, Technical Director of the company, points out that Donper strictly followed its R&D principle of high reliability and high efficiency in the development of the VDU series, considering the uniqueness and complexity of the environment it runs in.

With COP up to 1.8 and net weight of only 4.2kg, this new series boasts not only significantly reduced noise with its well-designed case, but also high compatibility to fixed frequency systems thanks to its specially developed controlling board, reducing the R&D cost of refrigerator makers significantly. What’s more, the 112mm height allows for an extra drawer with a capacity of 8L-10L, and the wide range of cooling capacity it covers helps reduce the number of product models. Running within wide voltage range, it starts operation at a voltage lower than fixed frequency products by 47 V. Besides, with a cooling speed 20% higher than its fixed frequency counterpart and an energy cost 10% less, the product improves the fresh-keeping performance of refrigerators greatly.

Donper is capable of producing 8 million units of variable frequency compressors per year, according to Fang Zeyun, General Manager of the company. It slashes the defect rate of variable frequency compressors by 54% and improves the sales by a whopping 91% this year after a technical transformation. Fang Zeyun reveals that Donper is developing linear compressors. And according to him, sales volume of Donper is expected to grow by 11.3% year-on-year to touch 30 million units in 2018.

Wang Lei, Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, believes that Donper is an epitome of the 40-year development of China’s home appliance industry. Its advanced R&D system reflects the progress China’s home appliance industry has made in industry chain development, core technology development, and talent pool building, which will power the industry to make frog-leap development down the road.