saw its offline sales of energy saving appliances up 141% month-over-month during Singles’ Day Shopping Festival 2022, smart home appliances up 153% month-over-month, whole house customization orders up 186% month-over-month, and centralized & integrated appliances up 113% month-over-month, according to the Singles’ Day report released by on November 11, 2022.

The company posted offline sales of high-end home appliances (50,000RMB+) up 139% month-over-month during Single’s Day Shopping Festival 2022, multi-function cookers up 181% month-over-month, coffee makers up 1100% month-over-month, according to the offline data from the company. It’s worth noting that housework appliances gain traction amid the rise of the lazy economy with sales of smart floor washers, cooking robots, and window vacuum cleaners all up more than 200% month-over-month.