AWE2021 is rescheduled to take place at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Hongqiao, Shanghai, China on March 23-25, covering six exhibition halls, according to the announcement made by AWE Organizing Committee on March 5 (Beijing Time), 2021.


To cooperate with the epidemic prevention management policy of Shanghai, AWE Organizing Committee spared no effort to communicate with relevant Shanghai authorities and exhibition halls to confirm its new venue and dates in shortest time possible. Despite the changes of venue and dates, AWE will still be full of highlights. Home appliance and consumer electronics giants including Haier, Hisense, TCL, Sony and Bosch will still be with AWE2021, which fully reflects their recognition of the value of AWE as a platform and their confidence in the prospects of AWE. AWE2021 will surely live up to the expectations.


AWE will display immersive smart life scenarios in its new decade

As a platform that displays and stimulates innovations, AWE has made continuous breakthroughs in scale, quality and global influence in the past decade. At the starting year of its new decade, AWE will keep up with the times and grow into a more innovative, more open and more inclusive technology-based ecosystem.

With AWE2020 postponed to combine with AWE2021, this year’s show will present innovative products and technical solutions developed in the past two years, covering traditional home appliances, consumer electronics, smart home, smart technology, 3C digital devices, and core components.


At AWE2021, innovations of AI applications, IoT technology, 5G technologies and more will be displayed, and home appliance manufacturers will present scenario-based smart home solutions instead of individual products. Plus, fashion elements will be incorporated into home appliances to meet the ultimate aesthetics of millennials and the Generation Z. At AWE2021, the vision for smart life in the new decade will be waiting for everyone to experience.

AWE creates a new exhibition mode that integrates livestream shopping

With epidemic prevention being a new normal, more than 100 million people choose to stay put for the Spring Festival of 2021. It generates a new mode of public consumption. More and more people choose to do their Spring Festival shopping online with over 660 million packages delivered during the Spring Festival. During the New Year Shopping Festival of, more than 60% of home appliance orders were placed for receivers at a different place, which means purchasing home appliances online for families became a new trend of the Year of the Ox, according to big data of


On the evening of March 23, AWE Livestream Night Show will be launched to further stimulate the consumption after Spring Festival and fuel home appliance and consumer electronics industry to grow. As the first of the industry, the live stream show will bring together hundreds of leading home appliance and consumer electronics enterprises to live stream simultaneously on multiple platforms including, and Kuaishou. During AWE2021, presidents of enterprises will endorse home appliances of the year to consumers in an immersive way along with celebrities, online celebrities as well as livestreaming celebrities.

As the first international heavyweight show of the field that comes back offline amid the pandemic, AWE2021 is expected to send a signal to the technical trends and consumption trends of the industry after the pandemic, and make an impact on the life philosophy and lifestyles of consumers.

On March 23-25, AWE2021 will be waiting for you at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Hongqiao, Shanghai, China.