China Household Electrical Appliance Technical Conference (CHEATC 2020) was successfully held on October 29-30 in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

Organized under the theme-“smartness, greenness, quality and material”, the conference included a plenary session, five category-specific sessions and an award ceremony for excellent papers as usual. The following were titles of the speeches at the plenary session:

l  The relationship between man and technology in the new technology era

l  Technological innovation leads to win-win smart family new era

l  Achieving the leading way of global home appliance technology innovation

l  Scientific and technological development guide for household appliance industry in China during 14th five-year plan

l  5G+ cloud enabling household appliance industry

l  Trends of domestic chip replacing imported technology

l  Research on the localization of power chip of home appliances under the trade war

l  Strengthening consumer trust in an unpredictable market

l  Reliability challenges and solutions brought about by smart household appliances

l  Technical development and significance of active fire prevention for household appliances in China

l  Improvement of hazardous substance management in household appliance industry by standardization and informatization

l  Process simulation

l  Digital system of intelligent manufacturing quality management

l  Big data knowledge management enabling household appliance industry to be innovative and intelligent

l  Research on innovative solutions of adhesive in household appliance industry

l  Application of vacuum glass in heat insulation field