As an annual routine, CHEAA organized a delegation of its member enterprises including Meling and Supor to visit IFA 2019, and after that, Germany-based Eye Square and Italy-based Vetrerie Riunite in September 2019. This year’s visiting tour was organized under the leadership of Mr. Zhu Jun, Secretary General of CHEAA and Ms. Liu Zhao, Deputy Secretary General of CHEAA.

The delegation visited Berlin-based Eye Square on September 6. Michael Schiessl, Managing Director, and Felix Metger, Vice Director of Implicit & Behavioral Research, kindly received the delegation. Founded in 1999, the company made presence in China in 2010 and currently has offices based in Berlin, London, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. It boasts psychology-based implicit methods when it comes to knowing consumers. “Traditional methods have limited effects. For instance, language is indeed a good way of communication, but consumers might not be able to express themselves accurately. Maybe it’s the limitations of language or maybe consumers don’t really know themselves very well.” Michael Schiessl pointed out. Explicit methods target information such as consumers’ intentions and reviews while implicit methods detect consumers’ unspoken attitudes, even those in the sub consciousness. CHEAA delegation raised questions based on their needs and communicated with Eye Square team. It was learned that Eye Square could involve in the early stage of product development to elevate product competitiveness with optimization suggestions offered in individual cases. Plus, for finished cases, Eye Square is able to boost sales up by 5 to 10 percentage points and the improvement in brand influence will be more.

The delegation visited Italy-based Vetrerie Riunite (VR for short) on September 9. Luca Villa, President of VR, Marco Veller, Chief Sales Officer of VR, and Fang Han, General Manager of VR China kindly received the delegation. VR is a world-leading glass manufacturer known for door glasses for washing machines and dryers. Apart from home appliance business, VR has more subsidies-Novaref for ceramics, Borromini for automotive lighting, and Vidivi for glass tableware. The company started its business in Chinese market in 2018. It is now planning to localize production through buying a local company and is striving to supply Chinese home appliance players in large quantity in 2020. It is learned that, with VR’s special door design, the load of the inner drum could be improved by 0.5kg. 30 million pieces were produced and sold all over the world annually, accounting for more than 30% globally. The number is expected to exceed 50 million in 2020. The delegation also visited the glass plant of VR to learn more about the company’s production process, efficiency and quality control. Luca Villa expressed his confidence in the prospect of Chinese tumble washer market and in VR’s products and hoped to enhance future communication with CHEAA. Zhu Jun looked forward to seeing them get more involved in Chinese home appliance industry and localizing production to provide better products for Chinese enterprises as well as consumers.