CHEAA celebrates its 30 years of history on November 20th in Beijing along with around 500 people from governments, home appliance enterprises, and industry associations.

The ceremony starts with a condensed version of CHEAA’s meticulously-prepared documentary titled Forty Years of China’s Home Appliance Industry, firing up the attendees with affectionate portray of three decades this industry has been through.

A number of old and new “home appliance men” are awarded in recognition of their dedication and achievements.

Accompanied by a symphony orchestra, poems written by a CHEAA staff dedicated to home appliance industry players are read.

 A CHEAA-written song for the industry and people working for it wins rounds of applauses.

 CHEAA unveils its new logo which signals a brand new start.

CHEAA has been a witness, a participant and a driver of China’s home appliance industry. Responding to China’s institutional reform, CHEAA was founded in 1988 to shoulder the responsibility of industry management which was previously under the direct management of the government. And it has since been staying with the industry in ups and downs.

In the past 30 years, CHEAA has always been at the forefront of the industry, actively delivering its roles in advancing and guiding industry development. Acting as a bridge between the government and the industry, it maintains the fairness of market competition, reflects industry needs to the government, and makes efforts in enhancing the comprehensive strength as well as global competitiveness of China’s home appliance manufacturing, making a contribution to the healthy development of the industry.

Down the road, CHEAA will continue to move with the times, offer better services and play a greater part to reach the shared goal of China’s home appliance industry.