China Household Electrical Appliances Technical Conference, hosted by CHEAA, convened on Nov. 2-3 2017 in Hefei, China. With a theme of smartness, greenness, quality, and materials, this conference brought together more than 600 attendees from home appliance manufacturers, suppliers, institutes, organizations and universities at home and abroad.

Nov. 2: General Session of 2017 China Household Electrical Appliances Technical Conference

At the general session, smartness made the hottest talking point. Dr. Zhao Feng, CTO and Vice President of Haier, and Dr. Xu Chengmao, Vice President of Midea's Corporate Research Center both shared their insights into the smartization of China’s home appliance industry. Dr. Shi Yuxia from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology briefed the development of artificial intelligence technology in China. Dr. Wang Zhiping from Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute gave a report on key technologies concerning big data and their applications in home appliance industry. Zhao Peng from Zhongjia Zhirui Technology Company under China Household Electrical Appliance Research Institute, Li Yang from Xlink, Wang Yonghong from MXCHIP, Zou Jun from Ayla Sunsea, and Zhou Naichao from Bainana gave reports on shared interconnection platform for smart appliances, user data security, application of big data, application of mobile IoT and electronic instructions for smart home appliances respectively.

Cloud-to-cloud interconnection for smart home appliances was another key issue of this session. Wang Miao from Haier U+, a member of CHEAA’s Smart Appliance Interconnectivity and Interoperability Work Group, introduced this project. CHEAA initiated a work group with Haier, Midea, BSH, TCL, Changhong, Hisense and Skyworth as members in 2015 and they reached a consensus in 2016: interconnectivity can be achieved through a cloud-to-cloud approach based on individual cloud platforms of enterprises. Work group members collectively developed a set of standards concerning user access, device access, service interface, device function model, information safety, etc. Under a unified conversion protocol, enterprises open interfaces of their cloud platforms to allow interconnectivity. At AWE 2017, the work group demonstrated the interconnectivity and interoperability of devices of various brands on site.

Besides, Christian Heine, partner of KNH patent attorneys suggested China’s home appliance enterprises put an increased weight on patent protection in his speech. Zhou Chao from China CEC Engineering Corporation focused on smart manufacturing in his speech. Zhang Zongbo from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Aimin from Sichuan University, Panasonic’s presenter(石上阳平) and Wang Hongzhong from Henkel introduced their explorations in new materials.

Nov. 3: Special Session of 2017 China Household Electrical Appliances Technical Conference

Nov 3 witnessed concurrent Special Sessions of 2017 China Household Electrical Appliances Technical Conference, including sessions for air conditioners, kitchen appliances, water heaters, refrigerators and washers.