Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance magazine

JD posted transaction value on double 11 shopping day of 204.4 billion RMB, up from the 159.8 billion RMB last year by 28% year-on-year, according to

Combined sales of all categories

Domestic brands had a stronger momentum than international brands. Midea saw its sales exceed 0.5 billion RMB in less than 15 minutes after 0 o’clock on November 11, with Gree following behind hitting 0.5 billion RMB milestone in less than 25 minutes. JD’s ranking list by sales value showed that the top three were Midea, Haier and Gree. Xiaomi, with an overwhelming sales in TV and its exploration in white goods, surprisingly took the fourth spot, making itself a position in home appliance industry. It looks like Xiaomi’s discourse power will be stronger down the road.


It is learned that, transaction value of OLED TVs surged by 400% in 1 hour after 0 o’clock on November 11, of which large-screen models, AI-powered models, models with new display technology were particularly popular with 65-inch TV took the place of 55-inch as the mainstream model. As of 12 o’clock a.m., 65-inch TVs was ranked the best-selling model compared to other sizes with the transaction value doubled that of last year; 4.9mm super-slim TVs saw transaction value up by 200% year-on-year; full-screen TVs continued to attract consumers who favor mid-range and high-range products; AI-powered feature became a common setup with transaction value accounting for 85% of combined transaction value of the category. By brand, Xiaomi topped the list by sales value, with Hisense, Skyworth and TCL following behind.

Air conditioner

Transaction value of air conditioners on surpassed the 0.1 billion RMB milestone in only 20 minutes according to, of which Midea topped the list by sales value with Gree, Aux and Haier following behind.

Refrigerator and washing machine

Transaction value of refrigerators and washing machines exceeded 0.1 billion RMB in less than 1 minute. The top 5 best sellers of refrigerators by sales value on were Haier, Midea, Siemens, Ronshen and Meling. The top 5 sellers of washing machines by sales value on are Haier, Little Swan, Midea, Siemens and Panasonic.

Hood and range

Transaction value of hoods reached the full-day sales value of last year in only 58 minutes. By brand, Robam and Fotile took the top two spots by sales value of hoods and ranges, followed by Midea and Vatti.


Sales of dishwashers on touched 10,000 units in only 8 minutes. By brand, Siemens topped the list with Midea, Fotile, Haier and Panasonic following behind respectively.