Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance

The 618 Shopping Day reports from leading ecommerce platforms including,, Tmall and Pinduoduo on June 19 show that sales value from this online shopping day is rising.

According to’s announcement from midnight June 19, the company witnesses combined purchase order value of 201.5 billion Yuan from 0 o’clock June 1 to 24 o’clock June 18, up by 26.57% year-on-year, which comes from more than 0.75 billion consumers globally. For the same period of time, cleaning products including robotic vacuums and window cleaners priced at more than 3000 Yuan stand out with purchase order value up by more than 200%; high-end hair care products priced at more than 2000 Yuan see purchase order value grow by 220%; large-capacity dishwashers with degerming, drying and fast-cleaning function see purchase order value rise by a whopping 500%. unveils its 618 sales report in the night of June 18, which shows that the number of orders from all channels of this company rises by 133% from June 1 to 18 o’clock June 18 with home appliance orders up by 83%. Broken down by category, sales volume of air conditioners surpass 380,000 units and online air conditioner sales surge by 183% in the first 12 hours of June 18, and for the same period of time, sales of TVs up by 105%, combined purchase orders of refrigerators and washers up by 83.7% of which multi-door refrigerators rise by 77.8% and dryer-washer combos grow by 97.6%. Portable home appliances surge by more than 300% in sales in the first 12 hours. Tankless water purifiers, dishwashers, smart toilet seats and high-speed blenders grow by 158.4%, 156.18%, 586.43% and 375.8% respectively in sales value. On top of that, high-end electric steam ovens top the list with sales value skyrocketing by 1035%.


Without unveiling specific sales numbers, Tmall announces that more than a hundred brands see gross merchandise value surpass the records made on Double 11 Shopping Day last year, of which the greatest surge posts 40 times. Plus, gross merchandise value of more than 110 brands exceed 100 million Yuan.


According to Pinduoduo’s 618 sales report released in the night of June 18, number of orders made as of 0 o’clock June 19 exceed 1.1 billion with gross merchandise value surging by 300% year-on-year. It is learned that 70% of Pinduoduo’s orders come from lower tier markets. The ecommerce platform provides subsidy worth 10 billion Yuan to cut the price of 10000 hot items including products from Apple, Dyson, Bose and Sony.