Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance Magazine

Whole house water purification system, air purifier with formaldehyde removing function, and dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) has become a trend as well as a key area of focus of Chinese environmental appliance industry, by the observation of China Appliance reporter at AWE 2019, a top industry show that lasts 4 days from March 14-17, 2019.

Drinking water, a key point of whole house water purification system

Offering a package of clean water solutions to an integration of scenarios from under sink to countertop, whole house water purification system overtakes under sink water purifiers to become a trend of the industry. At AWE 2019, local home appliance heavyweights such as Haier, Midea, Gree and Viomi, international giants including A. O. Smith, Philips, 3M and Coway, as well as professional water purifier makers such as Canature and Aibote put on show their new water purifiers as well as technologies.

Haier establishes on site multiple scenarios including living room, kitchen and balcony to demonstrate its smart whole house water purification solution that designed to offer clean drinking water for people of different body types living in regions with different water qualities. Haier shows its capability of leading technological development with its tech-powered blockbusters that offer customized, scenario-based, water-efficient smart solutions.

Philips displays its updated whole house water solution that includes water purification system as well as water softening system. Its IoT-enabled products guarantees consumers complete protection by offering clean, healthy water. The package includes front end filter, central water purifier, central water softener, under sink water purifier, countertop water purifier, water dispenser, carafe water filter, faucet-mounted water filter, showerhead water filter, etc. It’s worth noting that Philips classifies rooms of a household by water usage and processes water accordingly. With water purifiers installed in all scenarios of a household that include kitchen, bathroom, balcony and living room, the company meets consumers’ water needs in every aspect of daily life from drinking to showering and ensures the purity of every drop.

Culligan rolls out its new series of whole house water purification products. Its central water purifier uses its Pro Sorb 6.0 technology which acts like a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck out the harmful substances such as heavy metals and chemicals.

Apart from whole house, reverse-osmosis also points to future of the industry. The reverse-osmosis water purifier of A. O. Smith boasts water output as high as 3L per minute and Max5.0 filter cartridge with a service life of up to 5 years. Looking to meet Chinese consumers’ demands for clean water at different temperatures, A. O. Smith rolls out at AWE 2019 its new star that offers hot water at three temperatures as well as at room temperature instantly with its patented touch-control faucet, allowing you to make tea or dissolve milk powder without waiting. It runs with the brand’s reserve-osmosis water purifier. As to commercial water purifier, A. O. Smith rolls out its new product capable of generating 200 cups of hot water with high output of 58L, easily meeting the water demands of large public places such as airports, schools and offices.

Formaldehyde-removing, a highlight of household air purifiers

After PM2.5 removing becomes a significant function of air purifier due to the heavy smog in the past few years, formaldehyde also comes into the spotlight recently. Reflecting the change, air purifiers rolled out at AWE 2019 are commonly designed to remove multiple pollutants including formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and germs.

In collaboration with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haier develops a new technology that allows a chemical reaction between indoor formaldehyde and the amino acid stored in filter cartridge and generate a non-toxic, non-odorous hydroxymethyl derivative with no secondary pollution as a way of removing formaldehyde. Beyond this, the technology prolongs the service life of filters and reduces the cost.

A. O. Smith has long been an innovator in this field. It uses a highly accurate sensor to monitor indoor formaldehyde concentration and produces a figure accurate to two decimal places. Its programmable timer allows you to set the purifier to run or turn off automatically at a set time.

Midea uses a servicing indicator on the display panel to let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. Its unique catalytic technology decomposes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water.

Sharp’s KI-CJ70-W is equipped with its patented Plasmacluster technology which disperses positively and negatively charged ions throughout the room to safely break down microorganisms and odors. The process is environmentally friendly and generates nothing but water.

Dedicated outdoor air system, a key area of focus

Compared to air purifier, DOAS has an advantage in air circulation and oxygen exchange.

Based on its air purification solutions, A. O. Smith rolls out a DOAS with formaldehyde purification function, allowing for air ventilation as well as purification without opening the window. With an air flow as high as 300m3/h, it discharges air pollutants such as formaldehyde fast.

To prove its claim of “making indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoor”, Broad monitors onsite at AWE 2019 the air quality of its established room to graphically display the purification performance of its DOAS. It is learned that the DOAS of Broad uses three filter systems-a pre-filter, an electro static precipitator and a super filter, and is capable of removing 99.9% of indoor PM2.5. The display of indoor dust is accurate to single digit. Plus, ventilating fresh air around-the-clock while removing indoor formaldehyde and dust, the product truly makes indoor air quality better than outdoors.

Despite traditional DOAS, enterprises such as Haier and Hisense integrate DOAS with air conditioner into an innovative product. Haier displays its self-cleaning air conditioner with ventilation and purification at AWE 2019. Using a hybrid system of air ventilation and purification, it elevates the internal circulation of traditional air conditioners to include outer circulation. The Conductor series of air conditioners of Carsate, the high-end brand of Haier, also use the same hybrid system to provide consumers great breath experience with humid, airy, clean, fresh air at comfortable temperature.

Hisense’s M100/X630 air conditioner with ventilation and purification processes the ventilated air to make the indoor air oxygen-enriched, clean and healthy.