Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance magazine

Ventilation sector posted a combined online sales of 47.7 million yuan from Jan to May in 2018, with an estimated growth rate of 120%, according to All View Cloud. Both the sales value and volume of this product have maintained a fast growth for the past four months. All View Cloud learns from its statistics that, wall-mounted types, easy-to-install and at a rather low cost, are the mainstream, accounting for 84.1% by sales, leaving ceiling and freestanding types a relatively small market share. Online channels are dominated by single-flow products which account for 82.9% while double-flow products takes less than 20%.

In terms of functions, 100% of products have formaldehyde removal function, 92% have HEPA filters, 74% antibacterial functions, and more than 30% remote control, activated carbon filters, heat recovery, and static dust removal functions. Some high priced products have smart purification, smart temperature adjustment, static dust removal functions and negative ion generators.