CHEAA standard on Matching Sizes of Smart Toilet Seats and Bidets, numbered T/CHEAA 0005-2018, was officially unveiled on November 8th, 2018.

“With a variety of smart toilet seats on the market, the matching issue surfaces. The service life of smart toilets is quite long and that of bidets is even longer, which means consumers might find it hard to buy a matching seat cover as a replacement after years of use since the mainstream sizes of seats could change over time, and therefore discard the whole product. To avoid this resource waste, the smart toilet seat committee under CHEAA initiated this standard with its members.” Zhu Jun, Secretary General of CHEAA, explains.

The standard proposes two sets of matching sizes for products with tank and without tank respectively. It cannot be down without the active involvement and supports from industry players including China Building Material Certification(CBMC), Arrow, Bejoan, IKAHE, Panasonic, Toto, V&H, Geberit, Runner, Yahong, Huida, Huayi, Coma, Bodian and Soojee.