Targeting the safety hazards posed by storage water heaters out of safe service life, CHEAA initiated a standard on the labeling of safe service life. Numbered T/CHEAA 0003-2018, the standard was unveiled on July 3rd 2018 and has since taken effect.

According to the standard, the safe service life of storage water heaters in normal operation shall be at least 8 years, which start from the date of purchase. Zhou Liguo, Quality Expert of Midea’s Electric Water Heater Division, highlighted that, “The labelling of safe service life is not developed for enterprises to shed their responsibilities for accidents, but to warn consumers to replace the water heaters out of service life in time or call for after-sale services for product examination to avoid accidents.”

The association standard is optional. But CHEAA’s Committee for Electric Water Heaters suggest its members take the lead in adopting this standard and labeling the safe service life on their products. The standard will be continuously revised down the road based on feedbacks from enterprises.