BSH Home Appliances opens its largest global R&D center in Nanjing, China on September 22 2020. The new center covers a floor area of 47,000 square meters and costs 0.4 billion Yuan.

Mr. Lars Schubert, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Greater Region China at BSH Home Appliances, explains the functions of the new center. It provides an inspiring environment for the R&D staff, houses the most advanced laboratory equipment and most importantly, it covers the R&D of all product lines of BSH Home Appliances given its role as the biggest global R&D center. The center is able to house 1000 R&D talents, which offers a glimpse into BSH’s stepping up efforts in R&D in the next five years considering the current number of R&D staff of the company is 700. The R&D center will act as an engine for innovation. Despite traditional categories including refrigerator and washing machine, the center will also cover emerging categories such as dishwasher, clothes dryer and oven.

It’s worth noting that, there is a whole floor for software R&D to support the company’s innovation in home appliance interconnection and interoperability and smart home. The new center will explore Industry 4.0 too.

Dr. Alexander Dony, President of Greater Region China of BSH Home Appliances, believes the founding of new R&D center delivers BSH’s concept of “in China, for China”. It is a milestone for the development of BSH Home Appliances in China.