Smartmi, a company within Xiaomi’s ecosystem, unveiled its new brand Jya, a homophone for “home” in Chinese, in Beijing on November 26 2019. Products released at the conference included a convection space heater, a desktop air purifier, an air circulator fan and a lamp. The brand later put on a show named “Within Life-Jya art project” in cooperation with Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) at 798 Art District of Beijing on December 14 2019.

Speaking of the founding of the brand and the design philosophy behind it, Su Jun, the brand founder who was an art professor, points out that, a great product is not only about technology, but also the design, the aesthetics it embodies and delivers. He believes that, as an important part of a home, home appliances shall be a pleasing existence in usage, and beyond that, a visual enjoyment that carries an artistic element. At the product release conference, artists from UCCA interpreted aesthetic concepts and artistic appreciation to the audiences on site.

Using aluminium as the heating element, the rounded-corner Jya convection space heater features smart temperature control, convection heating and variable-frequency temperature control. It can be controlled through the touch screen or APP. Jya’s air circulator is capable of blowing 3D air to a wider space as far as 10 meters and simulate natural breeze. Plus, the wireless design allows it to move easily. Jya Helix desktop air purifier is claimed to last for 24 hours with a lithium battery inside that gets charged through a USB Type-C interface or a power bank. The OLED screen on the product displays indicators of the indoor environment. Jya wireless lamp C features cylinder design, metal look and magnetic base. The product has a 5200 mA battery inside and also offers a Type-C interface. Besides, it has two lighting modes and 5 brightness levels for users to choose as they like.

Most Jya products (except for the convection space heater) are wireless, which well delivers the brand’s pursuit for easy-to-use, easy-to-move design. It is learned that the lamp and the convection space heater will be placed market before others through a presale mode. Currently, we only find multiple models of wireless lamps in the brand’s online store on The other products are not available for sale or presale yet.