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(Frankfurt / Qingdao, China / 13.11.2019) With the "Standards CHINA 2035" vision, the Chinese government has launched an ambitious transformation program aimed at streamlining, refining and streamlining the hitherto very heterogeneous and complex Chinese standardization system to adapt to the current needs of the Chinese market. The standardization organization DKE German Commission for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Information Technology in DIN and VDE (VDE | DKE) has an important role to play, according to VDE | DKE CEO Michael Teigeler: "Our strategy is to get China involved in the Electronic Standardization even more intensively to participate in international standardization and actively participate in the Design of the international standardization system of IEC (and ISO).”

Direct support for open international trade

Against this background, the opening of the first VDE office outside Germany is an important step. In the context of the international standardization forum "Qingdao Forum on International Standardization (QFS)" at the end of October 2019, the office was officially opened. Chief Representative on site is Mr. Wei Hong, from the VDE Testing and Testing Certification Institute GmbH. At the same time, VDE | DKE CEO Michael Teigeler has been appointed to the Advisor of China Standardization Expert Committee. "We can influence locally, and this is very important because it will be crucial to what extent the new Chinese standardization system is based on international standards and their coherence. Only with the help of international standards is open international trade possible and German industry - as export world champion - receives fair and lasting access to the Chinese market. It is therefore important to ensure that Germany can continue to participate in the Chinese market in the future, "describes Michael Teigeler the situation.

The market power of China would also make it possible to have its own Chinese to establish an "international" standardization system. The VDE has therefore set itself the goal of integrating China into the existing international system. The first VDE | DKE Office outside Germany promotes common international standardization, provides on-site training on the international standardization system and supports the German standardization strategy.

Mr. Liu Weizheng, Vice Director of Qingdao State Administration for Market Regulation, congratulates Florian Spiteller, VDE|DKE Head of External Relations & Support, to the new and first office in Qingdao, China.


The DKE supported by the VDE German Commission for Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology in DIN and VDE is the recognized platform of electrotechnical standardization in Germany as well as the Representation of German interests in the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As the creator of the results-oriented dialogue on the development of generally accepted electrotechnical norms and standards, the DKE brings together the knowledge, information and interests of all relevant specialist groups in a consensus-oriented manner. Companies and organizations of the economy, authorities and other institutions support the work of the DKE both financially and by about 8000 technical

Experts. The DKE stands for the goal of generally accepted, market-oriented and technically up-to-date regulations: in the interest of a comprehensive safety of electrotechnical products for consumers and the environment. For the global opening of markets through increased system compatibility and removal of technical barriers to trade. And thus for the successful development and swift implementation of technical progress as a result of positive changes - for the benefit of society as a whole.

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