Source: CHEAA-run China Appliance Magazine

GMCC obtained India’s ISI certification for compressors on February 11 2019, becoming the first recognized compressor manufacturer outside the country. This not only signals India’s official recognition of GMCC’s products and technology, but also a pass to Indian market, as we learn from GMCC.

With hot temperature throughout the year and unstable power supply, Indian market has a particularly high requirement for air conditioner compressors. Plus, India’s new energy efficiency standards on air conditioners ask for an energy efficiency ratio of 3.3 at least for split air conditioners graded 5 stars, up by 0.2 compared to the previous requirement, meaning low energy efficiency models will be gradually phased out and India’s demands for high energy efficiency compressors will rise.

Boasting strong products, GMCC develops targeted compressors for Indian market. It is learned that products certified by ISI this time include a series of R32-based compressors, and a series of R410A-based compressors, both developed particularly for Indian market with the advantages of high energy efficiency and reliability. GMCC also rolls out R2990-based variable frequency compressors.

The company localizes its after-sale services based on its thorough study of Indian market, which allows it to develop well-targeted products to practically meet local demands.

Exported air conditioner compressors from GMCC to India posted 2.38 million units in 2018, up by 141.6% from the 1.68 million units in 2014. With ISI certification, the company is expected to move forward in the fast lane.