TCL Air Conditioner announces its strategy of pursuing high-quality growth after joining Gree and Midea to be one of the 10-million-unit sellers of air conditioners in 2017.

According to TCL, sales value of its air conditioners has grown by 37.13% year-on-year from Jan to May 2018, ranking second of the industry, while its sales in May alone grew fastest of the industry. As of July 8th, the average price of TCL’s air conditioners online and offline rose by 9.8% and 10.1% year-on-year respectively, both ranking top two of the industry by growth rate.

According to Chen Shaolin, General Manager of the fast growing company, TCL Air Conditioner sets the tone of its future growth on quality. He says, TCL Air Conditioner will be value-oriented rather than price-oriented down the road.

Regarding the rebalanced product mix, Chen Shaolin says, “TCL has greatly expanded its share of inverter products in the past one year. We believe in high reliability, high cost efficiency, stylish design and smart operation when it comes to product development. And we believe our sales will grow with improved product quality and properly adjusted product mix.”

As FY 2019 comes, Chen Shaolin says, TCL aims for high-quality growth and will realize its goal of “making TCL a name for good air conditioner” by offering better products to consumers.