An alliance regarding the application of IoT in China’s clothes industry was jointly initiated by Haier, China National Garment Association and GS1 China on August 26th 2018, attracting more than 100 large and medium-size clothes makers and more than 20 Internet players.

Haier’s platform named Internet of Clothes allows clothes factories to manage its manufacturing process digitally and throughout the life cycle. It is learned that, RFID-based technology helps clothes makers such as HLA improve the delivery efficiency by 200% and reduce the labor cost by 50%.

In stores, RFID technology elevates consumer experiences through services including 3D fitting and smart clothes matching, allowing sellers to collect statistics and pick out recommended items effectively. It is learned that Haier’s Internet of Clothes improves the inventory turnover by 30%, consumer traffic by 18% and revenue by 15%.

At home, Haier offers fabric-specific washing and clothes care solutions for consumers thanks to this cooperation.

Established upon its COSMOPlat, Haier’s Internet of Clothes provides a full-life-cycle solution for consumers that covers clothes washing, care, preservation, matching and purchase through its smart appliances and IoT-based technologies.