Viomi, a company within Xiaomi’s MI ecosystem, rolls out its new blockbuster-21Face refrigerators designed for home wide interconnection. The member of MI family has been devoted to smart home solutions for scenarios from living room to kitchen, and equipment from lock to refrigerator in recent years.

With a 21-inch touch screen and loaded with its VioBrain operating system, Viomi’s 21Face refrigerator integrates controlling, entertainment, and shopping experience together at rather low costs which range from 5,999 to 12,999. This product offers three typical interactive experiences with its big touch screen: controlling devices such as door locks, phones and curtains; entertaining yourself with music and videos from the Internet; purchasing produce from an online mall. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Viomi, says, Viomi believes in scenario-based design, for example, buying products at the place where you use them, which means buying toothpaste and face cleaners through a smart mirror, and laundry detergents from a washing machine.

Offering a variety of functions, 21Face is only one link of Viomi’s home wide interconnection system. Viomi wants decentralized deployment, rather than centering around one certain product.

At the conference, Chen Xiaoping says, Viomi develops products based on scenarios, offering scenario-based experiences. As he portrays, the curtain opens and air conditioner turns on as you open the door through the smart lock; the smart lock identifies your visitor, sends you a message and you open the door through the screen of the refrigerator if you’re busy cooking in the kitchen; the hood turns on automatically when you starts cooking and sets a program depending on the volume of smoke and hot air.

Founded in 2014, Viomi has expanded its portfolio to include 30 categories of products used in scenarios such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and balcony. With a strong faith in home wide interconnection home appliances, Viomi breaks boundaries among home appliances, digital devices and smart home, offering an integrated new experience.