Source: China Appliance (run by CHEAA)

CHEAA has long been devoted to connectivity among China’s home appliance brands, and is set to present what it has achieved in the forthcoming Appliances & Electronics World Expo 2017 (AWE 2017), according to a reliable source of CHEAA-run Appliance Magazine.

The news is first revealed by Dr. Xu Chengmao, Chief Digitalization Officer of BSH Home Appliances Holding (China) Co., Ltd, at CHEAA-hosted Technical Conference on Nov 10, 2016. In Xu’s keynote speech regarding smart home appliances, he mentioned that, BSH’s Digital Transition team had been in contact with Haier’s smart appliance team to find a solution to connectivity between BSH and Haier, and also, to seek a way to achieve interface standardization of more brands. He thanked CHEAA in his speech for its initiation and guidance in this process.

What Xu said was confirmed by Jiang Feng, president of CHEAA. She says, smart appliances of different brands are not inter-connectable, making their services isolated and fragmented. This not only stands in consumers’ way of getting better services, but also hinders the development of smart home appliances. To address this problem, CHEAA have brought together China’s home appliances enterprises several times to develop a universal solution to connectivity. She says, “It is enterprises’ responsibility to elevate consumer experience by offering products that are easy-to-use, valuable and offer better experience. In the era of Internet of Things, interconnectivity is only a small step.”

Jiang tells us that CHEAA has been committed to advancing the connectivity among brands for about two years. “We’re looking to achieve cross-brand, cross-category connectivity.” Jiang says. And she reveals that what CHEAA has achieved is due to on display in a specially-set zone at AWE 2017. At that time, Hair, BSH and more brands will be part of it.

Connectivity matters a lot for smart home appliances, and CHEAA’s endeavor has brought it to a new level to achieve consumer experience excellence. Jiang says, from the standing point of the industry, connectivity is only the base ground. Smart home appliances are evolving from hardware-oriented to software-oriented. With consumers’ demand in mind, home appliance makers must work to achieve universal data compatibility, which could help produce a valuable smart home solution and further advance smart home appliance industry.