Appliance & electronics World Expo (AWE) 2017 is set to open at Shanghai New International Expo Center March 9 to 11, 2017, with an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, and an estimated 200,000 visitors, according to China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA), host of AWE, in a press conference at V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel on July 29, 2016. Apart from that, the theme for AWE 2017 was released at the press conference: "ultimate smart life, all at AWE 2017".

AWE, a gala for global home appliance and consumer electronics industry

The emerging AWE 2017 is catching up with the pace of many long-established international exhibitions in home appliance and consumer electronics industry, such as IFA and CES, in not only scale but also technologies, innovations, industry highlights, and its quality. Fueled by the industrial transformation and upgrade, AWE has flourished to be one of the most dynamic, innovative exhibitions globally. The home appliance and consumer electronics industry of Asia, particularly China, South Korea, and Japan, has been leading the world. And amid the shift of global economic gravity to Asia, it's no surprise that China, as the second largest economy in the world and a leading economy in Asia, is capable of holding this global industry gala.

Born at the right time, AWE has been widely recognized throughout the industry. A number of leading enterprises choose to release their new blockbuster products at AWE, such as Haier, Midea, Hisense, TCL, Gree, Sumsang, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, etc. At AWE 2017, Huawei and Telsla will also bring their coolest innovative products into the spotlight. Visitors recognize AWE as "a real eye-opening experience", and president of an internationally renowned enterprise has extended his sincere appreciation, saying that: "With AWE, we don't need to travel across the oceans for exhibitions in Europe and the US." These remarks are an indication of AWE's status as an authoritative, innovative and classic exhibition.

As a grand show for brands, AWE attracts visitors to actively get involved, including manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, media, investors, as well as consumers. Apart from domestic media, more than 30 mainstream media from nearly 20 countries have their correspondents in AWE to make their on-the-spot reports, including Deutsch land Radio, NIKKEI, the Seoul Times, Financial Times, Associated Press and Bloomberg.

An increasing number of Chinese manufacturers are catching the eye domestically and internationally, with Haier's merger of GE Appliances, Midea's merger of German robot-maker Kuka and Toshiba's white goods division. The AWE 2017 is set to come with great expectation from the world.

AWE, a driving force for smart life

CHEAA set out the new theme "ultimate smart life experience, all at AWE 2017" at the press conference: AWE 2017 will highlight the profound influences and changes that the smart life concept has made in global home appliance and consumer electronics industry. In the past few years, AWE has seen global efforts in establishing a smart eco system and the forthcoming AWE 2017 is looking to extend its scope beyond traditional smart devices to include more imaginative aspects of our life: smart home furnishing, smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart entertainment, smart buildings, AR/VR, and artificial intelligence.

AWE 2017 attaches great importance to smart high techs. In collaboration with Jiguo, it sets up an exhibition hall named High-tech Park covering an area of 12,500 square meters with advanced black technologies on display, and builds consumer experience centers for smart applications. AWE 2017 will show visitors how smart robots such as Alpha Go overturn traditional concepts and lead the trend of consumption upgrade, how Virtual Reality technology such as Oculus VR changes the industry profoundly, how Augmented Reality technology such as Pokemon Go transforms the entertainment market, how self-driving technology from Tesla and Baidu reshapes the smart transportation, and how drones from enterprises such as Amazon, DJI-Innovations and Ehang extends its applications in civilian and commercial field.

The concept of "smart life" dominates AWE 2017. At the press conference, a number of enterprises from different sectors extends their expectations for the coming AWE 2017, including Haier in smart home, Jiguo in smart entertainment and artificial intelligence, Tesla in smart transportation, and China Real Estate Association in smart building and smart community. Jiguo and Tesla are in partnership with AWE 2017 in High-tech Park and smart transportation respectively.

To describe AWE, its partners use common words such as "platform", "eco system" and "influence", which are also goals AWE 2017 is striving to reach with its continuous efforts in innovation, evolvement and upgrading.

AWE 2017, more popular than expected

The eight exhibition halls ( W1-W5 and E1-E3) with an area of 110,000 square meters leased by CHEAA from Shanghai New International Expo Center for AWE 2017 have been fully booked out since its open registration in July as usual. But more exhibitors are applying for a booth. For this reason, CHEAA is currently in negotiation with the exhibition center to lease one more exhibition hall. When this is done, AWE 2017 will take an area of 120,000 square meters to fully display the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in smart life.

This press conference marks the official launch of AWE 2017. By expanding its AWE+ eco system, AWE 2017 continues to promote the fusion, and win-win cooperation between traditional and emerging sectors.

Along with more than 200,000 visitors, let's look forward to the AWE 2017, a grand exhibition and a city festival. In March 2017, see you in Shanghai!